PlacesSpringfield, Illinois, USA

Works (84)

"Here I have lived"; a history of Lincoln's Springfield, 1821-1865 by Paul M. Angle
Abraham Lincoln by Thomas Keneally
Abraham Lincoln by George S. McGovern
Abraham Lincoln of Kentucky: An Interview with the President by Wade Hall
Abraham Lincoln: A Life From Beginning to End by Henry Freeman
Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years and The War Years {set of three volumes} by Carl Sandburg
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter [2012 film] by Timur Bekmambetov
Adlai, the Springfield years by Patricia Harris
After the Fact by Fred Saberhagen
The American Dream? A Journey on Route 66 Discovering Dinosaur Statues, Muffler Men, and the Perfect Breakfast Burrito by Shing Yin Khor
The Assassination: Death of the President by Champ Clark
Banning the car downtown, selected American cities by Roberto Brambilla
Best easy day hikes, Springfield, Illinois by Johnny Molloy
Bleedout by Joan Brady
Brother against Brother by William C. Davis
Buddy: The Biography by Philip Norman
Builders of America Abraham Lincoln by Smyth Clifford
Buried Dreams: Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer by Tim Cahill
The Case of Abraham Lincoln by Julie M. Fenster
City of Discontent by Mark Harris
Courting Mr. Lincoln by Louis Bayard
The Crystal City by Orson Scott Card
dana-thomas house springfield, illinois by Various
The Emancipator's Wife by Barbara Hambly
A Friend of Mr. Lincoln: A novel by Stephen Harrigan
Ghosts of Springfield and Southern Illinois & Other Haunted Tales from the Prairie State by Rachel Brooks Posadas
Ghosts of Springfield: The Haunted History of Lincoln & the Prairie Capital by Troy Taylor
He Knew Lincoln by Ida M. Tarbell
Herndon's Life of Lincoln by William Henry Herndon
Hi There, Boys and Girls: America's Local Children's TV Programs by Tim Hollis
Homes of the Presidents by Bill Harris
House of Abraham: Lincoln and the Todds, A Family Divided by War by Stephen Berry
The Illinois by James Gray
In Lincoln's shadow : the 1908 race riot in Springfield, Illinois by Roberta Senechal de la Roche
John Hay: from poetry to politics by Tyler Dennett
Land of Lincoln: Adventures in Abe's America by Andrew Ferguson
The Lemon Jelly Cake by Madeline Smith
Lincoln by David Herbert Donald
Lincoln as I Knew Him: Gossip, Tributes, and Revelations from His Best Friends and Worst Enemies by Harold Holzer
Lincoln President-Elect: Abraham Lincoln and the Great Secession Winter 1860-1861 by Harold Holzer
Lincoln's Grave Robbers by Steve Sheinkin
Lincoln's Last Trial: The Murder Case That Propelled Him to the Presidency by Dan Abrams
Lincoln's New Salem by Benjamin P. Thomas
Lincoln's Rail-Splitter: Governor Richard J. Oglesby by Mark A. Plummer
The Lincolns: A Scrapbook Look at Abraham and Mary by Candace Fleming
The List by J.A. Konrath
Love Is Eternal by Irving Stone
Love, Hate and Other Filters by Samira Ahmed
The Martians Have Landed!: A History of Media-Driven Panics and Hoaxes by Robert E. Bartholomew
Mary by Janis Cooke Newman
Mary Todd Lincoln: 1818-1882 (Encyclopedia of First Ladies) by Dan Santow
Mary Todd Lincoln: A Biography by Jean H. Baker
Mrs. Lincoln: A Life by Catherine Clintonmarriage
My Gold by C.M. Steele
Oak Ridge Cemetery (IL) (Images of America) by Edward J. Russo
On Becoming Abraham Lincoln by John Torrey Morse
Pilgrim by Fred Saberhagen
Prairie of Promise: Springfield and Sangamon County by Edward J. Russo
Protecting President Lincoln by Frederick Hatch
Red Dragon by Thomas Harris
Route 66 in Springfield (IL) (Images of America) by Cheryl Eichar Jett
The sociogenesis of a race riot : Springfield, Illinois, in 1908 by Roberta Senechal de la Roche
Springfield Business: A Pictorial History by Edward J. Russo
Springfield Community Service: A Pictoral History by Edward J. Russo
Springfield Entertainment by Curtis R. Mann
Springfield Time Capsules by Curtis Mann and Melinda Garvert Edward Russo
Springfield's Sculptures, Monuments, and Plaques by Carl Volkmann
Springfield: A Reflection in Photography (IL) (Images of America) by Edward J. Russo
Stealing Lincoln's Body by Thomas J. Craughwell
Te odio por ser de otro by Corín Tellado
Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln by Doris Kearns Goodwin
These Honored Dead by Jonathan F. Putnam
Three Daves by Nicki Elson
The Tomb of Abraham Lincoln: Springfield, Illinois by Bess King
Traces of Guilt by Dee Henderson
Twenty Days: A Narrative in Text and Pictures of the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln by Dorothy Kunhardt
Venom by Joan Brady
A Walking Tour of Springfield, Illinois (Look Up, America!) by Doug Gelbert
We Are Lincoln Men: Abraham Lincoln and His Friends by David Herbert Donald
With a task before me by Virginia Louise Snider Eifert
With Malice Toward None by Stephen B. Oates
Yo, Sacramento!: (And all those other State Capitals you don't know) by Will Cleveland
Young Mr. Lincoln [1939 film] by John Ford