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May 23, 2009
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alyssa ethridge
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i really love kurt vonnegut. i have been trying to find authors like vonnegut or poets like edgar allen poe. Poe inspires my writting. i like fiction reads mostly fantasy. i like to let my mind wonder. i think that people that don't read just haven't found a genre they like. i use to hate reading but i have been really interested in it. i really like the few books i have read from london authors. i would like to read more neil gaiman. just always on the look out for something that is interesting. can't walk into a bookstore without getting something.
About Me
i love to read. i go through stages though i will love to read for a long time then i will get into a slump where i won't want to read anything. i really like fantasy books or stuff about drug abuse i think that it is interesting to read about. i am always trying to find new reads that sound interesting. i share a good taste in books with my mom.
sumas, wa
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