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Abbey Hamilton
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Collect particularly mysteries from the 1920s and 1930s, ditto horror stories and suspensers from the same period. Kids books from the period. Psych history ditto, especially re. psychoanalysis and its effects on society of the period. I just love old books, their textures and smells, the concentration you need to make your way through them sometimes.... Thanks to online groups, however, I've gotten into the habit of reading lots of mysteries, horror stories, and suspensers that are rather more modern, so I've a goodly selection of those too, although my personal definition of "modern" tends towards "anything less than twenty years old" .
About Me
New England born, raised, and still live here. More than 50 years, less than a century old. Barely. Three cats, thousands of books, mainly mysterious or horrific. Sagittarian, with the accompanying short attention span - I consider it a blessing, this way I get to enjoy LOTS of things! And yes, I *do* tend to ramble... Mysteries and horror stories, suspensers, are my favorites, but I'm word-crazy. I adore books, read about one a day, but actually I read a half dozen at a time, fifty pages or so at a time, alternating them. Love psych history, philosophy, biographies, history of New England, British history especially concerning Royals. Crazy about roses.
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