Jul 9, 2011
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Abbi Glines
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I am a complete YA addict. I read any and all YA fiction. This is my library.
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When I am being forced up a mountainside with a backpack weighing me down and the fear of bears hammering in my head or when I am being hauled out into choppy waters holding on for dear life afraid I will be pitched over at any moment, I wonder why it was exactly I married my crazy husband. Then again having an adventurous if somewhat insane spouse has been the best muse a writer could ask for. My debut novel Breathe was released May,17, 2011 by Wild Child Publishing and it was thanks to one of those spur of the moment boat trips that sparked the idea for Breathe. I've been writing all my life but it wasn't until I tried my hand at YA fiction that I found my groove. Apparently I never really grew up, which may explain my marriage to a dare devil. I've recently signed the contract on my second YA novel Existence and I am currently writing my third novel.
Fairhope, AL
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