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hieromartyr (1), St Artemon of Seleucia (1), St Hilarion the New (1), St Mark the Confessor (1), St Quadratus and his Companions (1), The Seven Hieromartyrs of Cherson (1), St Mary of Egypt (1), St Symeon the New Theologian (1), Prophet Isaiah (1), The Annunciation (1), St Benedict of Nursia (1), St Cyril of Jerusalem (1), St Augustine of Hippo (1), St John Cassian (1), Prophet Jeremiah (1), St Rahpael of Brooklyn (1), The Holy Forty-Two Martyrs of Ammoria (1), St Procopius of Decapolis (1), St Basil the Confessor (1), St Proterius (1), St Eudoxia (1), St Theodotus of Cyrenia (1), Sts Eutropius Cleonicus adn Basiliscus (1), St Gerasimus of the Jordan (1), St Conon of Isauria (1), St Hypatius of Gangra (1), St Titus the Wonderworker (1), St Peter and Companions (1), Prophet Job (1), Apostle Simeon (1), Apostles Jason and Sosipater (1), The Nine Martyrs of Cyzicus (1), St Basil of Ostrog (1), St Theodosius of the Kiev Caves (1), St Pelagia (1), St Irene the Great Martyr (1), St Alexis 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