Feb 11, 2019
Real Name
Arianna Dagnino
About My Library
Arianna Dagnino. The Afrikaner. A Novel, Toronto: Guernica Editions, 2019.

Arianna Dagnino. Transcultural Writers and Novels in the Age of Global Mobility. West Lafayette, IN: Purdue University Press, 2015.

Arianna Dagnino. Fossili (Fossils). Roma: Fazi Editore, 2010

Arianna Dagnino. Jesus Christ Cyberstar. Heaven Can Wait No Longer. Vimodrone, Milano: Ipoc Press, 2009

Arianna Dagnino. Uoma. La fine dei sessi(Wo/Machine. The End of Genders). Milano: Mursia, 2000

Arianna Dagnino. I nuovi nomadi. Pionieri della mutazione, culture evolutive, nuove professioni (New Nomads). Roma: Castelvecchi, 1996.

Gulmanelli Stefano and Arianna Dagnino. Popwar: Il netattivismo contro l’ordine costituito (Net Activism against the Established Order). Milano: Apogeo/Feltrinelli, 2003.

Book Chapters – peer-reviewed

“Self-translation in Transcultural Mode: Francesca Duranti on How to Put ‘a Scent of Basil’ into one’s Translations.” In Narratives Crossing Borders: Transcultural Perspectives. Eds. Herbert Jonsson et al. Bern: Peter Lang Publishing Group. Forthcoming.

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Non Peer-reviewed Chapters in Books

Dagnino, A. “Caravanserragli transculturali.” Open Book: Autori di Crescita.Ed. Francesco Morace. Milano: Egea/Bocconi University, 12-15.
Dagnino, A. “e.biscom. Cominciare dai soldi.” In Bidone.Com? Da dove riparte la net economy italiana. Eds. Luca de Biase and Giorgio Meletti. Rome: Fazi Editore, 73-86.
Dagnino, A. “I nuovi consumatori. I conspiratori.” In Bidone.Com? Da dove riparte la net economy italiana. Eds. Luca de Biase and Giorgio Meletti. Rome: Fazi Editore, 221-236.
Dagnino, A. “L’Africa che scotta.” In Gens Electrica.Ed. Bernardo Parrella. Milano: Apogeo/Feltrinelli, 85-97.

About Me
My name is Arianna Dagnino and I am the author of the novel "The Afrikaner" (Guernica, Toronto, 2019), an on-the-road adventure story of hate, love, guilt and redemption under African skies.
In my career as an international reporter, literary translator and academic researcher, I have lived in many countries, including a five-year stint in South Africa. I have published several books on the impact of global mobility, science and new technologies. I hold a PhD from the University of South Australia and currently teach at the University of British Columbia.
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