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Tony Dalmyn
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My collections include books that I have owned or borrowed and read, including almost all the books I read since 2006. There are gaps before 2006, some of which will never be filled - I will not be able to identify all the books I borrowed from the Winnipeg library systems going back to 1965, or books borrowed from school collections. Some dates are estimated, and the editions may be educated guesses.

Rating a work starts an internal debate - do I like something that entertains me? Do I rate on the basis of entertaiment, enjoyment or other criteria?

I acquired dozens of ebooks or ebook editions of works from Amazon's Kindle store, which I read in the Android Kindle app on a tablet. I
borrowed some ebooks from the public liibrary and read them using the Android apps which the cloud services and the library designated. In
2023 began to use an ebook reader that could read epub format for books that I had purchased and for loans from the public library's Overdrive

Victoria, BC, Canada
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