this book had me laughing one minute and curious the next. It's an explosion of fantasy well written I think. For someone who doesn't like zombie anything(there is more in it than just zombies by all means but I won't spoil it) (1), games or books about zombies. With that said (1), I received this book as an early reviewer from LibraryThing. I have to say straight out I'm not a zombie fan. I don't usually like shows (1), If you are truly a beginner with woodworking projects this will not be the book for you. There are no pictures involved to help explain. I have done some woodworking projects and so I can read and pick up enough to follow it if I wanted. Not a bad book bu (1), I have to say its a very good read and I read it quickly. Unique (1), creative and with humor. (1), Very interesting read. I love fantasy and this gives you loads of it. Very exciting and a real page turner. I couldn't read fast enough to find out what happens and I thoroughly look forward to the next sequel!!! I don't like to give out spoilers so I won (1), Great book with a nice plot that keeps you guessing. Bit of suspense that keeps you turning the page and also wanting things to go right for the man and woman the story revolves around. I appreciated the complexity of emotions in the book. This book stand (1), Interesting read. I'm a dinosaur when it comes to tech things but this was done in a way that even made some sense to me. Very creative! Cute characters and nice plot. (1), Wonderful read. Thoroughly enjoy the book. Fantasy on the fast lane! Anxious to read part two now! (1), so I will be general with my description and say that this was a wonderful book. I found myself laughing often and turning the pages as quickly as I could to read more. The sexual parts of the book were very sultry and I didn't find them to be overpowerin (1), I have this as an early reviewer for LibraryThing. I don't like to post spoilers about the book because it takes away from those who want to read it (1), I just finished reading this book and I have to give it a 5 star rating. It had me turning the pages quickly to see what was going to happen next. I kept thinking I would figure things out but it not everything went the way I thought it would and that is (1), it was a nice book with a different plot and some strange and unexpected twists to it. Definitely worth the read if you like scifi! (1), This book has great potential. It moves a bit too fast for my liking so I rated it 4 stars instead of 5. I know it's a short story and they move quickly but this one moved too fast. Other than this (1), Interesting book! Characters had some nice twists and turns to discover along the way and the plot moved at a good pace. Enjoyed it and was able to read it in two afternoons. Truly hard to put down because you wanted to know where things were heading. Nic (1), First I have to say I have lived most of my life in the NC Appalachian mountains and this story grabbed at my heart. Lovely book that gives you a bit of everything....magic (1), suspense and laughter. The characters were wonderful and the hounds so lovable that I wished I owned them all! I couldn't put it down. You had to know what was going to happen and it surely kept you sitting on the edge of your chair. (1), but that should not stop any of you from reading it! It's a very good horror/thriller! (1), it really went fast. Almost too fast for me and I felt there was more story in there to read and that I was almost instantly thrown to the final chapter (1), I generally like to read fantasy and some romance but now and again I pick up a book that is a horror or thriller and I read. I recently received this book "Last Night Out" to read and review. I liked that the book was not complex and confusing. He kept i (1), I just finished reading this book and it was wonderful! Reminded me of how much I love the New Orleans area. Quirky and full of suspense. Great moments that will have you cussing one minute and swooning the next. A real page turner. Thoroughly enjoyed it! (1)
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Aug 15, 2015
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