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Aug 31, 2023
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Cecilia Clark
About My Library

An eclectic collection covering every available horizontal surface. In fiction I prefer fantasy, science fiction, steam punk and the occasional thriller. Fairy tales are my first love.

About Me

Things change. Funny thing the way that keeps happening. One day I was young of body and old in my head hanging out with my friends in the library and then suddenly I am old in my head but, hang on that didn’t work out the way I planned ; anyway there I was racing a Maserati, with the driver making gesticulations translatable without a babelfish as my small cheap held-together-with-bug guts and fencing wire pre electric gadgets car, over took him and sprayed dust on his expensive paint job, but that is another story for another time. I am as old as my tongue, older than my teeth and younger than all the words I speak. I vowed to learn 25 languages before I die and so far I can count to nine in twenty or so, including Elvin and Klingon so I can do my daily Sudoku to shut my brain up. I can ask for a cup of black tea with milk please, in Italiano, Greek, French, cultured English and ‘Strine. Oh and by the way, I tell stories. Sometimes I even write them down.

My all-time favourite book is an etymological dictionary. I write in British English.

Victoria, Australia
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