Real Name
Sherri but my nick name is Cherry, Cheri, Cherry Blossom.
About My Library
The first book to unlock my love for reading was "My friend the Vampire" by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg.

Syfy, Vampire (Primarily)
Historical Fiction (Primarily)
Childrens Lit
Manga (some)
Comics/Graphic Novels
Modern Fiction (some)
Amish Fiction
Cultural Fiction

I also enjoy the occasional self help, travel, cooking, biographies,spiritual,inspirational, how to,gardening, mysteries,guides,travel science and art.

My interests are never limited.
About Me
Gen X, 1976 baby, I have lots of hobbies and interests. Reading, writing, painting, crochet, sewing, hammer and nailing stuff,yoga, eating seafood and practicing my sence of humor on unsuspecting victims.

I remember falling in love with stories my grandmother told me.
I remember the first time i felt the hunger to read.
I remember the first time i read a novel but i dont remember the books title.

P.S. im a preschool teacher : ))))
northern va
Local Favorites

Bookstores: Barnes & Noble Booksellers - Cherry Hill, McKay Used Books - Manassas, Turn the Page Bookstore Café

Libraries: Chinn Park Regional Library

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