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Chris Adonn
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Work in progress. A sparse jumble at best, but more will be added on a whim or as memory sparks.
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Reader, writer, lover of words. When I was a child I used to pick random pages in the dictionary and scan through them rememorising interesting words. That was a personal enjoyment that I still indulge in on occasion.

I love to write. I love to lose myself in compelling narratives and adventures as they unfold in my mind and spill onto pages which will invariably result in a book by the time I am done.
Writing started for me, as a way to pass the time whenever I ran out of reading material or wanted to get rid of excess creative energy (I was an artist specializing in the painting medium (still am). More than that, it was a wonderful escape from the mires of self-pity i found myself drowning in when I was diagnosed with MS and underwent my first treatment with Campath. As the drug was (and still is) under clinical trials, I had to be very careful for the three months of every year when my immune-system was dangerously suppressed. In short, I was rendered a recluse for three months of every year.
What seemed like one of the worst things in life, became one of the best as it allowed me the time and inclination to write stories.
Before I knew it, I was in love with the new freedom I could find only by putting pen to paper (or rather, fingers to a key-board). I wanted to delineate the characters I had dreamed into existence on a two dimensional surface with 3D fluidity.
I have no idea if I have succeeded in this initial feat, but now I mainly long to see where they will take me to next.
Of course I want much more than that, as writing the story is only the first step for me. I want to present my books to the world in a fashion that captures the market for which they were intended. I want intrepid readers to meet the characters I have fallen in love with, and perhaps…fall in love them too.
South Africa
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