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Now I am working in a university library it is vitally important that I can demonstrate to my employers or future employers that I have present day knowledge about the book market, and that I can demonstrate a serious interest towards reading & reviewing books of different types, because after the interview stage I was told that one weakness area of my application had been the fact that I was not a serious book reader, now going forward I am very serious of changing this. So if any members out there, are aware of any interesting books, feel free to let me know. I know allot of students from my university in the Midlands/UK use this internet site to discuss their favorite books. Many of the university students call me old fashion because I prefer a old fashion book in my hands when I read, while most of them are many about e-books. Each to their own I guess!!!

In the first early period of my library job, I am based in the historical section, and I am in close proximity to historical books and students reading historical under graduate degrees.
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Just started work in a local library after leaving part time night school university, need to swell my knowledge of books, and the type of books people like. I spent a gap year/career break in china during 2013, with my daughter.

I am trying to develop myself as a book reviewer, please bear with me, doing this will I hope enhance my career prospects in the librarian sector

I have given my own personal reviews of all the books I have read during the past six months May 2014 to Dec 2014 (Prior to May 2014 I did not read that much to be honest), I need to read much more, my next reviews will be around May 2015, because due to work commitments my book reading habits have changed from 2 books a week to 2 books a month. Most likely to be the Harry Potter series, cause my younger daughter is pestering me to read them to her.........
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