About My Library
These are MOSTLY my audiobooks.

Presently, any book in my library that isn't an audiobook is a book I acquired through the
"LibraryThing Early Reviewers" program [hopefully, I'll have tagged them correctly].
If you're interested in reading my reviews, they should be listed.

I have many, many more audiobooks and am adding them here as time allows.
Abridged versions of titles will be replaced with unabridged versions as they are acquired,
unless the abridged version is significantly better.

I'm trying to find time to write reviews for EVERYTHING in my library, but that is easier
wished for than found. Perhaps if I find the time, I'll list ALL by books here as well.
About Me
I'm just a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.

Hobbies: Astrophysics, Lomography, Geocaching, Spelunking, Old-Time Radio, Gourmandizing, Treasure Hunting,
Astral Traveling, D.I.Y. Science Projects, Crafts, Dowsing, Making Book Covers For LT, & BASE Jumping.

Occupations: Dad, Husband, Superhero, Neurosurgeon, Rock Star, Bon Vivant, Profiteer, Entrepreneur, & Raconteur.

Enjoy the music as you browse my library!

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