Aug 12, 2009
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Edward Desautels
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Ed Desautels lives, works, writes, and golfs in Pittsburgh, PA. He considers himself to be either a.) a writer with a golfing problem, or b.) a golfer with a writing problem. This blog focuses on the writing problem. It provides Ed a soapbox for talking about fiction in general and his work and activities in particular. He may occasionally post a sample from work in progress. Ed is author of the novel Flicker in the Porthole Glass (MAMMOTH Books, 2002). He is currently at work on Housebreaking the Muse, a novel haunted by the spirit of the French Dadaist, gigolo, addict, and suicide, Jacques Rigaut. He is also working on a mainstream golf novel titled Green and series of illustrated biofictional shorts called Evocations in collaboration with artist, musician, and fellow novelist Jeff Edmunds.

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