About My Library
My library consists of books I have read over the span of my life (that I can remember). Some I own; some I have borrowed; some I have given away; some I have listened to in the car as I commute to work (via my public library's wonderful audio book collection).
About Me
I love to read and frequently have “book hangovers” where I am reluctant to leave the book world I've been immersed in while I was reading or listening. Reading is my primary vehicle for traveling – to other places, times, and realities – and some of my best friends are those I have met in books.

If you're local to the Fredericksburg, VA area and would like to join/start a reading group, please contact me.
Fredericksburg, VA
Favorite Authors
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Bookstores: Barnes & Noble Booksellers - Fredericksburg/Central Park, Griffin Bookshop & Coffee Bar, Jabberwocky Children's Books, Riverby Books

Libraries: Central Rappahannock Regional Library - Headquarters

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