Oct 6, 2011
Real Name
Elizabeth Tilley Howland
About My Library
Elizabeth's small library is given as documented in her will, dated 17 December 1686: "I Give & bequeath unto my Eldest Son John Howland ye sum of five pounds to be paid out of my Estate & my Booke called Mr Tindale's Workes & also one pair of sheetes & one pr of pillowbeeres & one pr of Bedblanketts, ... Item I give unto my son Isaack Howland my Booke called Willson on ye Romanes & one pr of sheetes & one paire of pillowbeeres & also my great Brasse Kettle already in his possession Item I give unto my Son in Law Mr James Browne my great Bible Item I give & bequeath unto my Daughter Lidia Browne my best ffeatherbed & Boulster two pillowes & three Blanketts & a green Rugg & my small Cupboard one pr of AndyIrons & my lesser brasse Kettle & my small Bible & my booke of mr Robbinsons Workes called Observations Divine & Morrall & allso my finest pr of Sheetes & my holland pillowbeeres ..."

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About Me
Elizabeth Tilley Howland (1607 - 21 December 1687), Mayflower passenger and early settler of Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts.

Elizabeth emigrated to Plymouth aboard the Mayflower with her parents John and Joan, both of whom died during the first winter. After this she lived with the Carver family. In 1625 she married fellow passenger John Howland; the pair had ten children and 88 grandchildren (many of whose probate inventories also include books).

Elizabeth outlived John by more than fifteen years, dying in December 1687 while living at the home of her son Jabez.
Plymouth, MA