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Mar 10, 2008
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Mostly 20th century literary fiction, UK and US. Reading more literature in translation nowadays thanks to exposure through work; also more New Zealand fiction. A smattering of chicklit, parenting books and science fiction/fantasy, with the odd self-help-type-thing. Too large to fit on my bookshelves, but smaller than I thought it would turn out to be when I started cataloguing. Still quite a lot left behind at my mum's, although some of this at least I've now managed to catalogue (and tag).

Books tagged 'mplb' are my bookwom-in-training son's, who is impatiently awaiting his 13th birthday and the ability to create his own LT profile... I've also started keeping a lot of my wishlist books in here. Most of them are in the wishlist collection.
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Book addict with a desperate need to make room on the shelves (but strangely little desire or motivation). I work for a literary magazine and bookshop, and have struggled to keep a lid on my book spending (thank God for charity shops in educated cities, not to mention free books through work). I also review and write features for Belletrista.

I'm in my fourth year of reading with the wonderful 75 Book Challenge group. You can see what I've been reading (and even sometimes what I thought of it) via my thread, if I happen to have updated it recently:

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