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My computer's broken; using the library's. . . when away from Facebook for so long, upon returning to it, it seems such a gargantuan waste of time!! Hope your studies are going well! =)
Thanks for the reply; gosh you are a hardworking student! I'm impressed! I'll formulate a more lengthy and thoughtful reply soon. . .
Thanks for the new comment, Tony!! A second masters? You are brilliant. With background in PR history and now International Relations what might come of this? I see interesting things in your future!
Yo! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Hollah back.
Tony!!! You're a prophet! From 2008, You to me: "There is a very interesting argument from history regarding the nature of popular protest. Namely the question as to whether the shape of popular protest would have been irrevocably changed if there was no single personality spearheading it?" OWS? Hmmmm. . . . .
Wow. I had forgotten how much calmer, clearer, and intelligent this site feels than Facebook. =)
Yep, they blame Nader and their logic is: if it weren't for him (I guess they think) Gore could have won in 2000, and Kerry in 2004. They actually think he has responsibility for inflicting 8 years of Bush on us, but also, that Kerry or Gore would not have involved us in such a war, even after 9/11. I guess they don't read much history, or for that matter, pay attention to Obama's current policy, which as we both know, differs little from W. To me, neo-liberalism is hegemony by corporate globalization, and neo-conservatism is hegemony by jingoistic warring. What's the difference? Here in America, "conservatives" take up for their warring president, and now "liberals" defend theirs. Someone called me "liberal" the other day. I said 'Please, don't insult me. Call me "leftist pinko-commie," "radical," or "anarchist," but I am not a "liberal".' Conservatives, present-day ones, have their obvious flaws as we know. But present-day liberals in America are completely duplicitous. As Chomsky would say, "Sad case." Oh by the way, these folk who think Nader is a war criminal believe anyone who doesn't apply "game theory" to democratic elections in the U.S., and anyone who supports a third-party candidate is "immature," "naive," and is incapable of "functioning in society."
Oy, now my croonies on FB think that third party candidates such as Ralph Nader, in fact, the man himself, is responsible for Bush's wars abroad in Afghanistan and Iraq. Never mind that we now have a "perfect democrat" as president, who by the way sanctioned the illegal drone wars against the civillians in Pakistan and elsewhere. Never mind that our current leader is escalating the violence in Afghanistan as he accepts the Nobel Prize for not being George W. Bush. (Where's my prize)?

No. Ralph Nader has the blood on HIS hands of all the innocents killed in Bush's wars, and he has the audacity to not even "be sorry for it."

Help me, please. Really.
Hee hee!!! I feel all giggley inside!
Okay, now it's MY turn:

Many thanks for the greetings, very much appreciated.


----- Original Message -----
From: Virginia Wilson (by way of Noam Chomsky )
To: Noam Chomsky
Sent: Monday, December 07, 2009 1:55 PM
Subject: Happy 81st Birthday!

You are loved! Hope you get to have a happy and restful day. Looking forward to the new book. Much love, Ginny

Message sent from: Z Space - The Spirit Of Resistance Lives URL:
I will pass along your message to Chomsky via Chomskyan. I wish you well in your advanced studies, and am sure you will do so. You are terribly bright. Hope you one day become an author who writes a scathing indictment of the PR industry and it's influence on political campaigns, and the acceptance of capitalism while so many sleep. =)
chomsky speaks at 5th annual said memorial lecture last night
Dear Tony,

Here are some more yummy links:

Chomsky interview from April of this year, I believe:

Finkelstein's explanation of why he did not join the Gaza march as was foretold in earlier vid :

and lastly, my fave Finkelstein to date:

Enjoy, and I will let you know when Chomskyan posts his interviews with Chomsky (he will see him 3 more times this week)! I'll pass along your warm regards to Charngchi (Chomskyan).

Cheers! ~ Ginny
Hey just wanted to drop you this link to a Chomsky blog from I think June of this year:

Re: Israel/ Palestine conflict.

Take care!
Guess what???!!! Charngchi Way (Chomskyan on You Tube) has interviewed Finkelstein (well, he was holding the camera) and he's gonna interview Chomsky this Friday!! Just spoke with him last night via instant messaging. Here's the links:

and for their anarchy radio program:

The second link is where some of their radio program is archived. The Chomsky interview is forthcoming, but if I understand correctly, Charngchi has interviewed him before!

AND he has met Howard Zinn. What a small world to have an Irish friend who saw Chomsky speak in Dublin, and my east coast friend who interviewed Finkelstein in Brooklyn, NY. Wow!
Oh fabulous re: the Chomsky talks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh to have a signed copy of For Reasons of State! The book that made me fall in love with Chomsky!

Deliriously happy for you!!!!!!!!! I just can't believe it!

Whoopieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Yay! I shall live this moment vicariously through you until I am lucky enough to see him in person one day. =)

Thanks so much for sharing this joyful event with me!
Oh how I wait with breath a-bate
To hear my friend tell of his fate;

Did he meet Chomsky? Get a book signed?
Was Chomsky well-received or maligned?

What was it like to behold the glow
Of this glorious man we both admire so?

If you don't tell me soon, I may have a cow.
Tell me, tell me, tell me now!
Okay, I can't wait! How was it????
A) I am so jealous I am green.

B) I could die of envy.

C) Enjoy, and let me know what it was like to be in the presence once again of The Great One.

Okay, I'm trying to get over that. . . so glad you are loving Finkelstein; he is my fave! I love his sense of humor and his scathing candor, both. The debate with Dersho-joke is a classic and I often refer pro-Israel loud mouths to it. I am reading Beyond Chutzpah and sometimes it makes me so ill to find out even more what an awful human being Dershowitz is (and those of his ilk are)that I have to put it down for a while.

Soooooooooo jealous, oh you don't know!!!!!
Just dropping by to say "hi," and hope your wrist is better and all healed now. Hope you are enjoying Beyond Chutzpah. There are many wonderful Finkelstein vids on You Tube. Take Care!

Hey, Tony, great to hear from you again. Yes, one time I was in a book store and the clerk had an Irish accent; I didn't hear a word he said because I was just listening to the sound of his voice! I kept willing him to speak some more! LOL!

Found another book that may be interesting, don't know if you have it or have heard of it: The Grand Chessboard.

Been watching "Arsenal of Hypocrisy" on Google videos and that is where I heard the book mentioned. I think it's about our lust for hegemony being so sociopathic that we hope to actually "rule" space "for make benefit the glorious nation of U.S.A.," as Borat might say.

Positively Orwellian and frightening. Hmmmm. . . .
Hey, Father Ted was cute! Here are 3 funnies for you:

My fave O'Briain:

And two of the funniest Blackadder season 3 skits:

Dear Tony,

I must admit that Dara's accent is part of the appeal to me; I am hopelessly in love with Irish accents~ most compelling. I like Scottish accents too. It may be the difference in our ages; O'Briain is more mellow, perhaps? And Hicks is a bit more obvious. But I love when O'Briain says of evidence against our being created by God:

"Take a look at yourself!" Oh that just cracks me up!!! And when he says "I don't believe in God. . . Still Catholic. . . " LOL!! I like his story-telling~ I'm a sucker for a good story-teller.

Lenny Bruce I do recognize for his revolutionary contributions to the concept of free speech, but must admit haven't heard a lot of him. He is a legend here. Hicks' material is important I think because of the content, and I don't know of another American comedian who has such a repertoire re: religion and social control.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Blackadder! My older brother introduced me to it about 12 years ago. He told me about it because I loved (get ready to cringe!) Rowan Atkinson in the Mr. Bean series. I really love season 3 where Hugh Laurie is Prince George. Such a funny man! I thought the last episode of "Blackadder Goes Fourth" was poignant. But season 3 is my fave.

Gonna check out "Father Ted," and get back to you on that and other comments. Thanks for the link!

All the best,

Dear Tony,

I just love reading your messages; you are so well-spoken, and a beautiful writer to boot!

Please forgive my former self-consciousness and need to put disclaimers before my thoughts in recent messages; you are so right~ you and I can speak bluntly to one another with no fear of misunderstanding between us, and I should have known that by now. I suppose the political climate I live in has rubbed off on me a bit, as I am learning just how reactionary and closed-minded many around me are, to my disappointment.

No further need to make private any comments to me; I am over that now. =) So silly of me. Please forgive. And you were so kind to oblige. =)

Yes, Tony, you echo my own thoughts when describing the magic and wonder of being human with such words as "spirit" and "soul." That's exactly how I would now use those terms. I am also peeling away the layers of superstition which were absorbed by having been taught and raised to believe in such things as a "God," and supernatural events. Cracks me up the way people can believe in one set of superstitions, i.e. religion, and then scoff at other types of superstitions, like belief in ghosts or such. Ironic.

I agree that patriotism is not necessarily a good thing at all, but here it is considered to be the height of piety. And because Israel is our ally, and "God's chosen ones" then, well, many jingoist right-wingers believe Israel is justified no matter its actions. And yes, I am speaking of the Christian Right. The Jewish community in America has traditionally been liberal, quite. But more recently, we see the likes of Abraham Foxman and Alan Dershowitz aligning themselves with the right when it comes to our foreign policy; they feel threatened by any sort of anti-Israeli-policy protest or sentiment, and also want to squelch scholarship of Middle Eastern Studies, and understanding of Islamic culture. To my mind, their reason for this is to keep Israel's special relationship to the U.S. intact, and to demonize Islam, so that Israel's enemies maintain an unfavorable image in the eyes of Americans. They don't even understand (the general public here) that not all Palestinians are Muslim, that some are Christian, etc. I know it's incredible, but it is true for the most part here.

Which brings me back to our discussion re: Galloway, sort of. Just the point that although the world may well be better off without a belief in religion, that to respect other cultures and religions can only help to advance world peace. But when it is part of a religion's dogma or doctrine to be intolerant of others' religion, then I can't imagine how to mend that situation. Also don't see the harm in making fun of religion either, so really I must admit you have me there as far as Galloway's views re: blasphemy.

Recently have been enjoying "A Bit of Fry and Laurie" episodes on You Tube. So funny! Do you like it? Also loving Dara O'Brien (seen his name spelled many ways) esp. his comedy re: Catholics (I was raised Catholic, probably why I find him so funny)!

My fave!

Cheers, Tony, and I always love to hear from you!
Hey Tony! Glad to have you safely back, and thanks so much for the reply!

I think in America it is really different than Europe; the way Israel is viewed. I guess it must be because here we have people who are so sold on religious dogma, the Bible literalists; "Bible thumpers," that they really believe Israel is above judgement, or somehow special in comparison to other nations. If you ask them why, they really do say (and believe!) "They are God's 'chosen people.'" People who think like this in the U.S. are for the most part, the religious right, and/or ignorant, uneducated people. I suppose that is what I meant by "loved" in a demoralizing way. In fact, here, it is seen as unpatriotic to be "anti-Israel," in other words, anti-injustice and apartheid! Crazy!

My "magical" experience, feeling humbled by others' gratitude and support, I will have to chalk up to being human. This is where I am having trouble with the next phase of my growth. I reject religion, because now I see it as bogus and causing much sorrow and pain. I reject a belief in God, because I believe if there were a God, the world would not be a sea of unanswered prayers throughout eternity. However, when I think of what it is that animates us and makes us think and wonder and such, then to me, this is a great mystery; is their a spiritual (not religious) sort of existence, or is this also make-believe?

Hey, another thought for you to ponder upon your return, and I do hope you have had a safe and happy trip!

I was listening to a Kate Hepburn interview she did with Dick Cavett in 1973, I think it was her first interview in 30 or more years at the time, so it was a huge deal. Well, she was so brilliant to hear, and her thoughts, so much to learn there.

Well she was asked about her upbringing and said she grew up in a household that was quite left of center. Cavett asked if that had an effect on her and she said yes, it was not easy and they were not, to paraphrase, accepted by those around them in their same socio-economic class, or "neighborhood" so to speak. And that this kind of helped her in that she had this chip on her shoulder and had to just forge ahead. She thinks it helped her. . . be stronger, believe in herself, I guess, or stand by her ideals.

And then she said the most amazing thing. She said "To be loved is very demoralizing."

I thought: how true. Look at Israel, for example, "loved;" cherished for misunderstood reasons, i.e. "God's chosen people," etc. . . Hmmmm. Perhaps better to have to prove one's character?

Just a little thought.

Be well, and hopefully talk to you soon!

Dear Tony,

So good to hear back from you so soon! I'm so glad Finkelstein impressed, and I KNOW! He is the bomb-diggity! Absolutely up there w/ Chomsky!

Totally agree re: Hitchens; love his ideas re: religion, dislike his CURRENT politics, recall, he at one time wrote The Trial of Henry Kissinger! I think Hitchens may be trying to go along with what he sees as the lesser of two evils? But I think his recent viewpoints lean so pro-empire, it sickens me.

Re: my new-found disbelief,
I do sometimes wonder now what I mean when I cannot help myself and cry out "Oh God, please help!" Funny, I suppose, such a habit, or a feeling of comfort. And then I quickly try to remind myself that given the state of the world, it would seem our God is quite deaf. And that is between me and you, and I would not say such a thing to a well-intended believer, because I wouldn't want to disrespect their belief. People have to come to it on their own. Thank you for offering your support during this time of growing pains (pangs?) for me. =)

I know what you mean re: political labels. I am for "people power," and that is as much of a "label" as I am willing to allow, lol! That, and I take the term "radical" as a compliment nowadays.

There is a new Finkelstein documentary coming out called "An American Radical" and you can You Tube the trailer for it!

Re: our Galloway discussion, I made my last comment private, because it was politically provocative and emotional, and forgive me- I just wanted to express that to you. It was lengthy so feel free to "archive" it and it won't interfere with your profile.

Now that I have gotten that off my chest, I can assure you I will try and remain calm and measured (as possible) in any future exchange between us re: that topic.

Cheers and all the best!

Dear Tony,

Thanks so much for getting back to me re: the Zeitgeist Addendum. Happy that you enjoyed its message!

Wow, we finally disagree on something! Lol! I was a little surprised re: your opinion of Galloway. I have watched/ heard many clips from his radio show and all I hear is George explaining the history behind the Israel-Palestine conflict quite accurately. I also hear him supporting religious tolerance and cultural tolerance, and explaining to people that just because British Muslims have brown faces, doesn't mean they are not British citizens, so based on that alone, I hope you can see why I admire him.

Also saw him in an interview on Sky "news" where he straight away corrected the obvious pro-Israel bias of the "reporter" interviewing him, and all I could think was "Hurray George!" I understand he has met with leaders we now call our enemies (we once called them "friend.") I know he has met with Hamas, they are, after all, the elected leaders in Palestinian territories occupied by Israel, are they not? Also I do not see how one can belittle the Viva Palestina effort, perhaps you could enlighten me there; they have given aid to blockaded Gaza when the people there were suffering.

Oh the debate with Hitchens was horrific, agreed. Two egos going at it full throttle. Hitchens it seemed to me wanted to make the entire event ad hominem, and Galloway obliged. However, Hitchens, one-time author of The Trial of Henry Kissinger, now writes for Vanity Fair and has stepped right in line with much of jingoist, "war on terror" press. To me, it is Hitchens, not Galloway, who has done a complete 180 degree turn-around. And I thought that about Hitchens before I ever knew who Galloway was.

So as far as Galloway having a penchant for the lime-light (Big Brother) and sometimes losing his temper or raising his voice (like with Hitchens) I still can see no reason so far not to admire him for his otherwise brave and courageous behavior, and for his anti-war viewpoints and echoing Said's message in Orientalism. Then again, he is a "ladies man," and I am a lady, soooo. . . . I could be just a bit prejudiced! (And before you say "Eeewww, yuck!" I remind you that I am only about ten years younger than Galloway!)

For instance, what did you think of these events?:

Also, on an unrelated note, I must tell you that I am no longer in any way "religious." I decided this a few weeks ago, when pondering Faux News, war, hate, and propaganda. It's not that I do not honor what many of the prophets have supposedly said, or the wisdom behind some of their teachings; that's the good stuff. What I cannot abide is the hatred that religion seems to foment, and the illogical acceptance of dogma over intellect. So I disowned it. I think religion is a very bad idea, but as it is a part of culture, I will try to see the good in it on a personal level when considering the customs of others. If that makes any sense, lol!

It's a shame some people cannot see the beauty in ancient mythologies of the world, and the similarities therein, and what a beautiful literary tool they are for understanding both nature and human nature.

Can't wait to hear what you have to say once you have seen Finkelstein clean Dershowitz's clock on the Democracy Now! debate of 2003. So vastly informative is this debate re: Israel-Palestine conflict.

Cheers and all the best to you, Tony, and I will look into the Libson Treaty, and Joe Higgins, and get back to you, thanks for that info! I always like to have a peek into your world, politically; you have such a deep understanding of ours over here "this side of the pond!"

~ Ginny
Oops I gave the wrong link below, should be:

Dear Tony,

I'll be starting Cosmos soon myself, and I think you may find it all the more interesting to watch the Zeitgeist Addendum in that light; they reference Sagan quite a bit! I have an old copy of Cosmos from my local library's book sale! Thanks for your open-mindedness re: that film.

Yes I have viewed the Chomsky-Dershowitz debate many times on You Tube. Unfortunately, the more I learn, the more frustrating it is to watch Dershowitz lie and obfuscate. I used to enjoy watching him get owned, like he did when Finkelstein cleaned his clock on Democracy Now!- also on You Tube. Now I simply see what a voice of pure evil he is, and I pity this world sometimes. However, some of the comments beneath the Chomsky-Dershowitz debate videos on You Tube are downright hilarious!

Yes, Dershowitz has been horrible to Finkelstein, and on Finkelstein's web site there is much documentation of his transgressions; the man is a monster.

Love the new Wilde quotes from you!

Now, Tony, I have a bone to pick with you, even though you may be quite innocent, being an Irish citizen, and not one of England or Scotland, but still!

Now, if we can discuss Tony Benn, and his contributions, am I wrong in assuming that my friend across the pond might also alert me to one Mr. George Galloway?!!! Why oh why have you been hiding him from me? LOL! Just kidding. I love this man, his appearance on "Big Brother" notwithstanding, and he is leading convoys of aid into massacred, war-torn Gaza. The second convoy will arrive in Gaza July 4, 2009. The first arrived earlier this year. Galloway is uniting people the world over in Palestinian relief. Canada has dubbed him a "terrorist" for doing so. Seriously, they have banned him as a threat to their national security for aiding Gaza. So, thought you might like these brief videos:

Also see:

Love listening to Galloway's radio program on You Tube. All the best to you Tony,


P.S.: more on the threat to academic freedom here in the States coming soon!
Dear Tony,

Just been You-Tubing Tony Benn. Love him!! What have you learned from Said's "From Oslo to Iraq?" I imagine it was fascinating. I thought some good things were put on the table in Oslo, (Geneva Accords, 242) but that Israel/U.S., as usual, rejected them, your thoughts?

And have you seen the "Zeitgeist Addendum?" Not about 9/11 conspiracy theories, as the first "Zeitgeist," this one talks about the failure of ANY monetary system, and some things you & I have discussed re: future real utopias. You know, it reminds me of Bertrand Russell's "In Praise of Idleness." (I'm a good student, huh? lol! Remember when I had to ask you who he was? Lol!) Can't wait to hear what you think of it. You can "You Tube" it, or here:


P.S.: ohh I have so much to tell you re: threat to academic freedom here in U.S., etc. . . . . Finkelstein's still my hero. . . .

P.P.S.: oh how I am loving Oscar Wilde quotes!! Been finding many more!

Well, mostly I`m reasonable !

No worries re : the discs. I do have one or to other reggae things put on one side to have a look at, but I doubt there`s much that would appeal to you. I have a pretty clear idea of your taste by now !

When I finally get round to looking at my CDs there might be the odd thing you would like.



P.S. I`ve just read sweetdissent`s note of 4/5. That`s pretty cool. I might have a look at that ,myself when I get a minute. As you might gather, spare time is not something I have a lot of right now.
Dear Tony,

Take your time answering, as I know I am bombarding you enthusiastically, lately, but I just had to show you this. A member of Care2, whom I met in the discussion group "Pete's Political Book Club," has a group on the site called "War Poems." My kinda gal! Well, I told her about Library Thing, and she took my advice and has looked at it. She found the links to those pictures you sent me of Gaza, and it inspired her art, take a look as she credits "Library Thing" and "Four Seasons" as the inspiration for her latest poem. Touching!

Thought you might enjoy.
Also, I've begun ORIENTALISM and now have a crush on Edward Said as well as Chomsky. In fact, my dream~fantasy tea party would include Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, Edward Said, and Norman Finkelstein. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be in their company and chat with them?

I admire Chomsky and Finkelstein for their scholarship, cool intellect (and good looks), but Said and Zinn are two of the sweetest, most loving, caring souls ever to touch pen to paper.

(Sigh). ****bookheaven****
Dear Tony,

Thanks for the kind reply; I get such a kick out of you!

Re: Oscar Wilde on Utopia~ that is now officially my new favorite quote!

Glad to hear Gravel still inspires.

As far as tracking down Vidal, I recommend reading PERPETUAL WAR FOR PERPETUAL PEACE first!! And if you want to really laugh and be wicked, read LIVE FROM GOLGOTHA (fiction), oh that Vidal is sooo naughty!

Cheers~ Ginny
Dear Tony,

Re: your post, let me be a bit more specific, if not helpful as well. I particularly liked the way you explained the second motive/type of U.S. foreign policy i.e. killing indigenous cultures and using capitalism and globalization to lull the public into a hypnotic consumer trance with little care to dissent, use of propaganda, etc. . . I liked the way you touched on the Monroe Doctrine and the Truman Doctrine~ brilliant! You so easily find the words to express these things!

And re: the part that says: "The Monroe Doctrine basically stated that the United States' sphere of influence in Foreign policy was its own hemisphere allowing the US basically do what they want in Latin America, and the Caribbean and to a somewhat lesser extent at this time the Pacific. . . "

. . . You might really enjoy {{Gore Vidal}}'s {Empire}, if you haven't already. Brilliant historical fiction explaining just how the Monroe Doctrine shaped up to bring to the Western hemispere the horrible hegemony sown then and now by the U.S. In fact it is eerily prophetic if one pretends it (the book) was written back then; I mean it opens one's eyes to the age-oldness of globalization, propaganda, and proxy war. For a fine mind like yourself, this title of Vidal's would be considered "light summer reading!" Lol!

And lastly, on an unrelated note, isn't "anarcho-capitalism" an oxymoron? I certainly think so!
Okay, I can't resist! Here's a post of mine in response to an ethnocentrically~challenged jingoist:

Oops! My last comment didn't post so here goes:

By the way, I forgot to tell you my "rating" for your piece, or maybe I just wanted to take up more space on your profile as well. . . I give it an enthusiastic 5 out of 5 stars! Brilliant!
Dear Tony,

Am I crazy, or is it just normal to feel better after reading your last comment? (Sigh). Oh well, thanks for that insightful and useful commiseration! It does my heart some good whilst I worry over what to do about it all. Maybe write congress? Oh well, I always get the same pish- posh form letters in reply, which I stick into my "congress can't read" file. I found a terrific new web site called "" or something like that. That's my "profile" on it. You'd love "Pete's Political Book Club" discussion group on there. I've made some posts, of course most of us there preach to the choir. But occaisionally there is really good debate, and always interesting book discussions. Anyway the site has an activist mentality, the idea that there is strength in numbers and connecting/networking to make a difference and get things done. Super!

Cheers! ~ Ginny

Still working my way through the old vinyl !

I have found two 12" singles you might just be interested in ;

Black Roots - Natural Reaction Remixes (4 tracks)

Toots - Show Me The Way /Beautiful Woman

What I thought I would do is put them on one side for a week to give you time to let me know if they`re of interest. I have quite a big week coming up, so we can worry about condition, price etc at some later date if that`s OK.

If they`re of no interest I won`t take offence or anything like that.

... ... ... just thinking, our user name on E-Bay is hoon170 - maybe the best thing would be if you check on there as and when you feel like it, then if there`s anything you want, I`ll sort out a discount for you. One of the Sistert Carols is going on today, the other, I can`t remember where I`ve put it. ! This sort of thing happens a lot with me !


Mighty Diamonds I`ve always found a bit of a mixed bag.Probably a good live band I would think. We`ve got a couple of local events coming up - Heanor Emerge Festival and Nottingham Riverside Festival. Will let you know what bands we see.

I`m currently going through my old 12" vinyl picking out things I want to sell, then I`m going to look through the singles, then CDs. I did buy a lot of rubbish as a youngster,(it was the punk era) but have to say my choices of jazz, blues and reggae have generally stood the test of time. I will be selling my Sister Carol LPs if that`s of any interest.

Just to mention, I`m currently going through my music collection and selling a few things on E-Bay. I don`t think I`ll be selling much reggae, but if you want I can offer you first refusal on anything reggae-related I do decide to part with. It goes without saying I`d offer you `mate`s rates` as I do with mny friends.


Hey, Tony!

Thanks for the links to the photos of the suffering in Gaza. It is eye-opening to say the least. I recently acquired Chomsky's "Chomsky on MisEducation" and "Propaganda and the Public Mind" to add to my "Chomsky on Anarchism," and "Inside Lebanon." Yay!! (excuse my use of quotes as it seems there are no italics available). I am currently reading "Chomsky on MisEducation" and have written a review. Check it out if you would =). It seems an insurmountable goal to combat the forces of propaganda, ignorance, jingoism, social injustice, and corporate capitalism. One thinks, "Well, you start by educating the public," but they already think they know the truth (being victims of-or apt pupils of- jingoist propaganda), so then what does one do? There is so much suffering in the world due directly to greed (corporate capitalism), in other words, our form of "democracy," that it is maddening to sit helpless and impotent while our country wages economic warfare and outright terror in so many lands abroad. Deeply imbedded in the consciousness of most Americans is this insane idea that we are "the benevolent policemen of the world." When the fact is, we are the perpetrators of massive crimes against democracy and human rights the globe over. With our press complicit in these sins by their silence, where is the hope? Everything is bought and controlled by big business interests to serve only an elite few: our media and press, even our education system. I'll end this rant for now. Hope you are doing well.


Sorry for incredibly slow response. Yes we are Irish. We are a social centre in Dublin.

Never have seen the Noam Chomsky Comics before, how funny! I enjoyed it.
Dear Tony,

Doing fairly well here. On a ridiculous fiction kick, and cannot seem to settle down to any heavy reading at the moment, but am enjoying the odd mystery set in the U.K., read 4 books in the last week, at least.

Well as for our new administation, I must say I am dissappointed at Obama's picks for his cabinet and am thoroughly frightened for the fate of Palestinians, Lebanese, Iranians, and Iraqis alike. I do not see "change" coming in these respects. Looks as if our foreign policy isn't going to change much. How sad.

Glad to hear you are finding time to read as well. Don't scold me but I still have not finished "Orientalism." Just enjoying light reading lately. So good to hear from you again.


Just dropping in to say "hi," and hope you are doing well in 2009!
Interesting fact about Sly and Robbie - they have recorded prolifically over a great many years. I recall during (I think) the early `80s they recorded quite a lot outside of the reggae world - in the studio with Grace Jones, Ian Drury and others and touring as part of Bob Dylan`s band. And of course they`ve done a lot of session work within reggae as well as their own projects.

I was never a big Black Uhuru fan, though I recall a single I liked by Michael Rose, Keep the Fire Burning. Seemingly not many people shared my taste as I never did track down a copy.

All the Best for Xmas and New Year,

I am still reading all the hoopla on the "books I would like the next president to read" page. My goodness that is quite a discussion! I forgot to "touchstone" the books I mentioned, how do I do that?
Yes, aside from the fact of the great victory for racial equality, which is sincerely felt here in America and there is a joyous atmosphere here because of it I can't explain (It is amazing!!), For "leftists," which we centrists are called here in America, there are concerns about Obama's foreign policy ideals remaining too close to the old ways i.e.: this unreasonable defense of Israel government opression against the opressed Palestinians, and now with his chief of staff being so pro Israel there may be cause to worry for the fate of the Palestininas.

By the way are you on ZNet yet? Lots of Chomsky there and u can ask him things in his forum, really, and he answers them.

Cheers, Ginny

That`s very kind, we may well find our way to your part of the world some time, it would be good to meet. Don`t know when though.

Have you seen Sly and Robbie yet ?

Chomskyan is a friend of mine on you tube! He is a wonderful person. I can't wait to tell him that my Library Thing friend from Ireland has discovered his channel there! I have many of his videos on my channel too. I subcribe to his. Small world!

He is also on Z Space where I have a page there too. I put some of my poems on it.
Thanks, it does cheer me to hear that! And I commend you for your understanding of American politics, I do believe you understand it better than many Americans.
We probably we will come over to Ireland at some point, though not soon.

We`ve just returned from a week in St Ives, Cornwall, and we have a holiday planned just on the edge of the Cotswolds next year. There are many good things about being self-employed but it does make it difficult to plan things like holidays, particularly in the current climate.

I seem to recall one of my friends e-mailed me some links to do with reggae. I must admit I kept his e-mail for reference and after that we`ve been so busy I`ve not had time to check them out.

When I get a minute, I`ll let you have those.

Be good,

Oh yes, did I mention I received the copy of Gravel's book, "Citizen Power," and that He signed it? Yippie!!!
LOl re: the "ultimately irrelevant nature of party politics," yes very funny to hear McCain say that. But it is true; people change things not our elected leaders. Although it will be nice to have an elected laeader whose only response to progress is not the veto (as it was for Bush). Fingers crossed for Obama on that front.

If McCain wins, all the better for a momentous protest climate, I think. I mean he is a danger, but that would be a bright spot, whereas if Obama wins, the right will rally. So predictable.
RE: books:
:::still struggling through Said; I'm not that bright, lol.:::
What can I add to that? You are so eloquent, Tony. I guess all I can say is: "Same here!" and PS: I am trying to find these like-minded people with a bit more success. =)
Yes, of course, the election here as usual is a farce, as is our "democratic republic." Two choices we get, some democracy! That's Gravel's whole point! He is still tirelessly campaigning for the National Initiative for Democracy (NI4D) since pulling out of the race. Obviously in our country, he never had a chance with his revolutionary thinking. That is the only thing that dissapoints me about Obama. He never took up for his pastor, who only spoke the truth, and he Uncle Tom'd it all the way to get elected. But hey, If he does get elected it will still be something to see here in the U.S.! Even though he and Hillary both are "politics as usual," as they all are, save for a few, like Gravel and Nader, and McKinney.
I am still proud of some of the accomplishments of Obama, to come so far in the race as a Black man. But at what price? (sigh). The best thing to hope for now is that Obama wins and surprises us all by being a real shaker and mover. Shall I hold my breath for that surprise?
BTW, forgot to add that I do not think NATO is necessarily benevolent; it is sometimes weilded as a tool to bend other countries to our political will, and not to uphold any kind of fair trade. Why is it called NATO, when surely the US alone seems to call all the shots? I'm sorry I really despise our foreign hegemony, oops I mean policy.
Hello Tony!! Looking forward to those other recommendations from you. Re: the Russia/Georgia affair, and any other foreign events; I wish we would mind our own business. I know it looks like we are the hero by "supporting Georgia's democarcy," but we do not even have democracy here at home, and believe me we hardly support democracy the globe over as Indians, Pakistanis, Iraqis, and Chileans and Hatians and many many more could vow to this, as you well know. So, we will sanction (the people), and increase the threat of nuclear war, gosh aren't we smart over here in America?

I think Bush should view Dr. Strangelove ASAP!
No I never have been to Ireland. I do recall that years ago a workmate of mine who was very into horse racing was over there and stumbled into the Galway Festival more or less by mistake and was convinced I would have loved it. I made the mistake of adding it to my `places to go` list which of course is full of places I`ve never been.

Talking of festivals, we went to the Nottingham Riverside Festival last weekend - you won`t have heard of it, I`m sure. It`s a kind of mixture of family-type event with fun fair, crafts and much else and numerous bands (four stages). The closest there was to a reggae band were El Pussycat Ska and a couple of African groups.

Anyway, that`s enough from me, but I will just take this opportunity to add my congrats to those of sweetdissent.


Hey Tony!! Great to hear from you again!! BTW I have a MY SPACE now and am manning the revolution from there (JK). Check out my profil there; some great vids and john lennon's imagine. =)

Yay! New recommendations!
Apologies for not replying sooner, this is the first time i`ve been on LT for a month or two.

As I was telling Eurydice recently, my wife and I moved from Nottingham to Heanor (a small former mining town on the Notts/Derbys border) around 18 months ago for many reasons, but big ones being the availability of cheap good quality housing and easy access to the Derbyshire countryside. It also has the advantage (to us, if not the community as a whole) that the old collieries have been turned into nature reserves and country parks - the nearest (a former open-cast mine) is literally 10 minutes walk from our front door, the largest (Shipley Park) is ony a little further.

Can quite understand how you feel about missing Clarke/Andy. I recall once having to miss Ernest Ranglin due to work commitments - can`t think I`ll ever see him now.

Actually, I did have some news that might interest you. when I was younger, there were three main reggae bands in Nott`m - Positive Vibes (never recorded), Far Image (released one single) and The Naturalites/Realistics, who recorded quite a bit and went on to act as backing band for various acts of the day, notably Sanchez. John Peel was a big fan I recall and played their single Picture on my Wall a lot. Cutting a long story short, one of my friends saw an ex-Naturalite live recently and said he was still in good voice. I`d assumed they had given up years ago - well, one was a session musician last I heard - but apparently not. If we hear any more of them I`ll let you know.
Sorry I`ve not been in touch for a while. I don`t know why but I must admit that since my dad`s death I find myself not wanting to spend time on the computer except for work. There`s so much more to life than sitting in front of a screen !

Seen any bands lately ?


P.S. Was interested to see the messages below about third party votes. As you may know, in the UK, the Labour vote in it`s traditional strongholds all but collapsed at the recent local elections. Where I live neither the Conservatives (traditionally the party of the right) or the Libdems (the former centre party) have the slightest chance of getting elected and unfortunately the collapse of the `traditional` Labour vote allowed the far-right British National Party to win seats from them.

In nearby Derby, Labour voters punished their candidates for entering into a Labour/Conservative alliance by giving their votes to the Libdems.

Of course, the southern-based media saw the entire thing in terms of the respective fortunes of the Labour and Conservative parties !
Dear Tony,

No, I wouldn't really compare the book to the film, per se. The film seem to be a documentary on Chomsky and his media battles, whereas the book is the research he and Herman did. I only hope that the viewers on You Tube pick up the book of the same title.

Well, looks like Gravel is out of the presidency race, BUT he is NOT going away; he will continue to campaign for Citizen Power, and the National Initiative for Democracy. =)

He has recently re-issued the book, Citizen Power, and the forward was written by Ralph Nader.
I am just happy that you found it all so inspiring. =) I do, too.

A vote for a third party is not a spoiled vote, I think there is something on You tube where Chomsky talks about this. But, many believe it is. Easy to see their logic; I understand. It's only a spoiled vote if you really are undecided between two candidates, one with privilege, and one without. Then, sure, vote for the privileged one, he/she has more of a "shot," I suppose. But if you dislike any of the privileged candidates, a vote for a third party candidate is at least a vote against the others. That's one way to look at it. =)

Wow, what a "democracy" we have here in the states, huh? BTW, loved the Manufacturing Consent videos! My boyfriend even watched a lot of it with me, w/o prodding from me! I do hope people don't forget to read the book, however, which is even more convincing.

As always, thanks for the heartening dialogue, Tony! =)
Wow! I am so glad that learning about Gravel has had such an effect!!
If only the same were true on ZNet. =(
The folks there do not seem open to discussion re: Gravel, or even the National Initiative! I can't even get a reply as yet from Chris Spannos re: The National Initiative. The poeple on Z Forums only pay attention to the semantics of Party politics, and do not seem to care to explore Gravel any further. They refer to his switching to the Libertarian Party as "ominus," and ignore anything else about him. (sigh). I am truly delighted in your interest!! Thank you, Tony!! And thanks for the support, any thing we can do to get the word out re: Gravel or the National Initiative is terribly important!! =)
LOL! re: Chomsky would tell people not to vote for him. That's exactly what I hear him saying!! Well, he does come as close as Chomsky will ever get to "endorsing" someone on a You Tube video where he was asked about the primaries. He "applauds Gravel," the video title shouts. It's on my channel there as a favorite. =) Ironically, in my state anyway, there is only a two party choice during primaries, which we can change through the national initiative if it gets enough votes, or signatures.

Oh 17 videos is nothing, I will watch it anyhow!! I was just gonna ask you for the link!! So thanks! All the Gravel videos, especially his "musical" ones are a scream! Seen any of those?

Ta~ta for now,
Oh, thank you, Tony, for taking a look!! I just knew you would love it!! Glad you found it inspiring as I did. LOL, I was thinking the same thing: Mr. Smith!!

I saw another where he said if he were president he would have Chomsky as an advisor!

Gravel '08!
Hey, Tony!

I just had to write and tell you about Mike gravel. I know this may seem to have little to do with a citizen of Ireland, but. . . Just as Chomsky excites the imagination with his scholarship and ideas, so does Gravel, this unlikely American candidate for presidency in '08. You know I wouldn't mention it if I didn't think you would find it facsinating beyond belief!! Take a look at You Tube. This man's ideas on social transformation and foreign policy are encouraging and insightful. Speaking of Dr. Strangelove; you know I've oft fanticized what it might be like to have a president like Merkin Muffley. . . . Gravel is such a man. He's like Chomsky, only instead of writing,(well, Gravel also writes, but not like Chomsky)teaching, and lecturing (also needed and appreciated) he's taking action!

Take a look!! Especially about 20 minutes in (you can fast forward by dragging the little button horizontally to the right).

I would love to know what you think as a person not in America.
I can't wait to see the film. It's on my "to do" list. I once saw an interview w/ Chomsky on You Tube, where he says he himself has never seen the film, lol!

There are probably many collected essays of Trevor in book form, or collections of his stories. The one I have is titled after one of the stories in it: Beyond the Pale.

I wonder if my friend doowatt34 (that's her library thing name)has the Thomas book in her library? She has an amazing collection of African American history.

Yes, Arundhati Roy wrote The God of Small Things, glorious fiction (check out my cover & description of the book in my catalogue here). I didn't know she wrote non-fiction until I met a friend who told me about War Talk! Lol! I have since read all of her books, but I will always love TGOST. Her fiction is noteworthy for its imagery & word play.

Now, Zinn, a propagandist? This is one debate on ZNet; weather facts are slanted one way or another. I think facts simply are, and one may have emotional reactions to them. For instance, to say that the U.S. has engaged in terrorist attacks in Iraq, and aided and abetted terrorist attacks on Lebanon and Palestine, is factual. One may dislike the fact of it, but there is nothing perjorative in calling hegemonic murder what it is; terror. I feel there is lots of propaganda, intentionally meant to mislead us, in our media. When Zinn writes the history of white European conquests, he isn't lying, or telling half-truths, or making thinmgs up. So although it is shocking to us white Europeans, it is, nevertheless, true. What do you think? =)
Tony, I will have to see that film!! So far, only read the book Manufacturing Consent.

Lol, re: "propaganda" beside Zinn's name!! The enemy is careful to label their adversaries with their own sins.

BTW just finished "Wicked; the Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West," by Gregory Maguire. Delicious!!!
You're right, re: ZNet, BUT it is still an important place to connect for activists, and still a wealth of information to be had there. Sure, some are snobby college kids (present company excluded) who just want to show off the new words they learned in class yesterday, or take the simplest subject, and apply every socio-economic theory they have ever heard of to make it as tiresome as possible! Lol. But there is always lots of good information on the site; I find it invaluable to that particular end. And c'mon, you know as well as I do that it is fun to see Chomsky correspond w/ others, or to correspond w/ him yourself! =)

BTW so glad you picked up Zinn's famous tome!! Can't wait to get a hold of it myself. He is a very, very darling human being. Have you seen his review of "A Violent Cartography?" It's on ZNet, as well. He has a blog on ZNet.

Apologies for long delay in continuing our chat about music. Unfortunately my father died recently, so other stuff had to take a back seat.

As regards Culture w/ Joseph Hill, I saw them twice IIRC, once circa 1981 - might have been their first ever UK gig, though might have remembered that wrongly. I recall that they had an equipment malfunction and did Holy Mount Zion as an acapella number while it was fixed. A great moment ! The other time was quite a few years ago now (2000 ?)- they did a lot of numbers from One Stone as I recall.

My friend Paul tells me it`s the Max Romeo/Lee Perry tracks he likes. I do have one on a compilation, a collaboration between Perry, Romeo and `Niney` Holness. I don`t much like it myself.

Anyway, must go,


Sorry for ltnw, my computer was down for a while =(.

Yes, an escape I suppose (I call it a "balance"), but still nice to have some shared values as well. =)

There is some interesting discussion re: propaganda on Z Net forums, plus I'll put a link here I think you will LOVE~ from Howard Zinn:

Lol!! oh I know how you feel!!

I was trying to be extra cheerful and hopeful in that last reply =), and now today, well. . .

Last night I was simply pointing out the self-agrandizing propaganda in American Hollywood films, and my bf was disgusted with me, and couldn't begin to understand that Henry Fonda's character in "Fail-safe" is portrayed as a determined heroic one, whereas his Russian counterpart has to be "shown the light" by Fonda's character... even though it was a mild example. I was only trying to get him to see that propanganda is inbred into us in every imaginable way, making us suspicious and un-loving toward our neighbors.

I pointed out that Merkin Muffley, the president in "Dr. Strangelove," had more humility. He said "It's only a movie!"

He asked me if I was ever going to "lighten up," or "chill." I asked him if he thought it was ever a good time to "chill" regarding social injustice. (sigh). Propaganda perpetuates injustice, in my opinion.

And yes you are an intellectual.
It is so dear to have a sympathetic ear!!

Well, one thing I can say is my boyfriend tends to balance me and reminds me to have a sense of humor, and not take everything so seriously.

Very difficult for me, when I am a nuevo-budding-intellectual who is so passionate about injustice and hatred. Perhaps we can take solace in the fact that our mates are open minded enough to understand that we need to communicate with like-minded people about our activism and ideas. =) He did introduce me to Dr. Strangelove, after all.

Democracy Now! is one opener for us. He actually watches it with no prodding, on occasion! He respects Amy Goodman, and that may be a start, for example, when he sees it one day, and they are talking about the next horrid imperialistic act of violence, perhaps it will "sink in," so to speak. My fingers are crossed.
Yes, it was hilarious!! You had me for a minute, but me & my boyfriend love the movie so much, I caught on pretty fast, lol!

Hey, Tony, are you a Z Net subscriber yet? They have forums w/ Chomsky Chat.
Did you ever see Culture with Joseph Hill ? I saw them twice, once as a youngster -circa 1981 I`d think, then just a few years ago.

Strange though it sounds, I don`t always enjoy seeing my favourite recording artists live, but I`m glad to say Culture were top notch both times.

LOL re: bodily fluids! I just now got that! Ha! Jack D. Ripper, lol.
Dear Tony,

You know what is interesting, is that I just got a new pair of glasses, and when I responded to you yesterday, my boyfriend had to proofread because I couldn't see what I was typing, and well, I guess we see how much he cares, now don't we? Hmm, certainly will discuss that with him! You must have thought I'd gone mad! Oh well, now I have reading glasses again, so no troubles.

Yes I've read being there and can't wait to view the film. I have never seen it, but have read about it in one of Shirley MacLaine's books.

I should have known you'd be a Peter Sellers fan too!

Take care, ~Ginny
Max Romeo next, then ? Don`t know much about him, though one of my friends is a fan of his. Have a good time !


Nice to hear from you again!! I will have to give Marshall a read. I need more bookshelves, and I just keep buying books, but I need to stop and do some serious reading. I have made the spare bedroom a little "library" (yay!) and it is my favorite room in the house. (sigh). I think I told you I got "Inside Lebanon," and "Chomsky on Anarchism," as well as Said's "Orientalism." Still much reading to do. Have you read "Beyond the Pale" yet?


Sweet Dissident
Excellent. Very impressed with that. The Abyssinians in my opinion are one of the most important reggae bands and dserv a much wider audience.

`Scue hasty reply - bit pressed for time.


You`re going to see The Abyssinians - it`s a good job i`m not prone to jealousy !!! I`m sure you`ll have a good time.
Thanks for your message. I am finding that other commitments keep me away from LT quite a bit now, but i intend to keep the group going as best i can. Look forward to seeing your contributions some time.

All the Best,

PS I ams ure you have slready checked out the official Chomsky site. Another mine of information.
Hi four seasons. I'm new on library thing. I just had to comment to you on your profile, because we both love Chomsky so much. I was reading the blogs about "books that could change the world." You recommended Chomsky, and I couldn't agree more! I would have suggested Manufacturing Consent, co-authored w/ Herman, as well. I still haven't read all of Chomsky's writing on media reform and foreign policy, but have read Manufacturing Consent, The Fateful Triangle, and For Reasons of State. I wrote to Chomsky at MIT to tell him he is "an oasis of sanity & reason in a desert of apathy & misinformation." LOL! He replied too!

I look up a lot of his writings on Z Magazine web site, and Democracy Now! has interviews w/ him in their features section; you'd love it if you don't already. =)

I made a "homepage" on aol, just to share MY list of books that might change some minds, if not the world, lol!

I think a link to it is on my profile here at librarything.

Enjoyed your profile & library. Look forward to future exchange of comments.
"Sweet Dissident"
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