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My library of nearly 2,000 books is shared with my wife. Most of the science fiction, fantasy and supernatural novels are hers; most of the history and biography are mine and we share a love of good fiction.
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I am a professional writer, covering morning police and traffic news for the Connecticut Post newspaper and website and I am a freelance magazine writer with one published novel and another in the works. I also wrote a history of my hometown of Milford, Ct, published by The History Press.

I am a voracious reader of just about anything.
Milford, CT
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Bookstores: Atticus Book Store, Book Trader Cafe, Rainy Faye, Whitlocks Book Barn

Libraries: Case Memorial Library, Milford Public Library, Ora Mason Branch (West Haven Public Library), The Vincent Library at the Saint Thomas More Chapel and Center, West Haven Public Library - Main