Apr 9, 2019
Real Name
Jennifer Jackson
About My Library
The Jenkins Garrett Library on the South Campus provides a collection of books, periodicals and electronic resources that primarily support the courses taught on our campus. Jenkins Garrett Library on the South Campus is a 31,080 square foot facility that offers the following:
Five Technology Studio rooms equipped with large screen monitors, computers and webcams for group use
Mobile tech studio that can be moved anywhere on campus for group use and programs
Laptop computer check-out
About Me
I am a person who may not know everything in the world; however, I am someone who strives to find the answers. I am not ashamed to admit when I am wrong about something. Rome was not built in one day, so why do we think we can do it all in one day.

I am not afraid to speak my mind.

I tend to be in the thick of things at times why other times I am chill with no cares in the world.

I am someone who strives to see the good in everything. It does not always happen, but I give it a shot each day.

I like attending workshops to acquire new skills that help me refined and maintained other skills in my repertoire.

I research potential new products and their positive impact on the library and the community
in anticipation of patron needs.

I am not big on titles.

I love meeting new acquaintances and learning new things.

I strive to provide the best service to everyone I meet and if I cannot meet a person particular needs I do my best to find someone who can.
Favorite Lists