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I'm adding books slowly. Most of my library is still stored on GoodReads.

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Hey there! I am new here, but excited to dive into the LibraryThing community. To be honest, I don't really know what I'm doing but I'm giving it a try anyhow! That pretty much sums up my approach to life too. Does anyone really know what they are doing all of the time anyway?

I live off grid in the mountains of East Tennessee. Originally north of Boston is where I call home, but I have moved around quite a bit before I settled in TN. It sure is beautiful here! I love books and reading, black cats, spooky things, Halloween, herbal stuff, being in the forest, and living closer to the land. I live in the seasons and lead a loosely pagan like life.

(Nov 2023):

I have officially started my very first book club! We are "The Council of Spooky Readers." If you have recommendations, I'd love to hear about them!

If I were try to narrow down a favorite book genre it would probably be: Thriller, Mystery, Paranormal, Horror

Recently finding out the spicy bits are fun to read too!

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