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Janny Wurts
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My most favorite authors are all listed in my library. For fiction, I have included just one title by each representative writer. Usually, I will own all the titles by that author, or at least, most of them. I own far more than I've listed here! Best to consider this list as my all time favorites or authors who most impressed me.

Non fiction books are those I've found helpful for research or ideas, and books I still keep at hand. I will not necessarily have read all of those author's works.
About Me
I am a professional author of fantasy, primarily, and an artist/illustrator, currently published by HarperCollins, UK, Bantam Books USA, and in audio books, by Audible.

I love to read, ride horses, sail, ski, hike and camp, play stringed instruments (mostly old time Celtic and ballads), bagpipes, and have interactive, insightful conversations on esoteric subjects.

I enjoy the excitement traveling to cities, and overseas destinations, my day to day pleasure is derived from country living.

I believe the exciting potential of the human imagination has not even become close to being tapped. If I had one wish, it would be that reading would springboard more volatile ideas into concrete perception, and that the practical applications of our lives and times could reach new heights, if ideas were yet more free, and solutions could be less "reasonable" in perception, and more creative in design.

Here are my kitties: Talisman and Ceilidh.
Florida, USA
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