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Jacqueline (Jackie)
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My library is very diverse, however I am a collector of rare, fine, and very old books. My rare and most valuable (all my books are valuable to me!) books are kept in an enclosed bookcase with glass doors. Otherwise I have one room designated at my private library and study, it's climate controlled and also houses my baby grand piano and my rare and $$$ Snoopy collection!!
Go SNOOPY! Put the Beagle in the White House! SNOOPY 2012!

I am a true bibliophile, and right now I have well over 3000+ books. They are not all entered into my computer yet, I use Book Collectorz software ( to keep track of them and all the details.

My main interests is in the History of Books, Libraries and rare collections, American History, the Constitution and the Supreme Court, Classics, and of course, my love of the Law. I am also learning about book restoration, repair, and book binding to care for my books.
About Me
I'm a full time executive Paralegal and also going to school full time to finish up my BA in Legal Studies and then to LAW School. I am a "mature" student, my children are grown. I have 2 wonderful boys, one 24 and 26, and I have been married for over 27 years. ( Wow! Where do the years go?) My previous career was in computers for many years.
Upstate New York
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Bookstores: Brattle Book Shop, Brookline Booksmith, Commonwealth Books, Harvard Book Store, Library of Congress, Raven Used Books

Libraries: New York Public Library - Stephen A. Schwarzman Building

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