About My Library
My reading interests are broad. I read both fiction and nonfiction with equal enthusiasm!
About Me
I was born and raised in Wisconsin and currently reside there. I love cheese popcorn, photography, crafting, animals, and nature. I am teaching myself to play the piano, an unfulfilled ambition left over from my childhood.

Even as a young girl I was drawn to horror and the supernatural. I used to hide under my grandmother's desk to read her copy of Dracula because I knew the adults would not approve of my choice of reading material.

As a horror writer I enjoy depicting ordinary people caught up in extraordinary situations. I believe that people show their true selves when faced with danger, and how they react to that threat reveals who they really are. My personal philosophy of horror is that knowledge is power, and it is better to turn and face what's coming to get you instead of letting it pounce upon your back without warning.
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