About My Library
My library features a variety of subjects for different purposes. I have a large collection of books on spirituality, the occult and natural health because I wish to have a vibrant and inspirational life. I also have children's books and books about the history of people of Afrikan descent. I have these books because when I have children someday, I desire for them to have a solid collection. Many books for youth and people of Afrikan descent have gone out of print. I have anthologies from college because I am in the process of giving myself a classical education. Overall, my library focuses on my mental and spiritual development. I do not have many books on fiction, save the classics because I believe non-fiction is much more interesting.
About Me
I am a visual artist and writer who has published four books and created countless art pieces. I worked in a public library for several years and I am currently the store manager of a bookstore for children. To learn more about me, you can visit my website
Saint Louis

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