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Trond Strømø
About My Library
Most of my library consists of Fantasy (I love to escape from the real world), but also some historical fiction and Sci-fi. I often try out new authors, but need to get better at exploring other genres.

How I rate books:

* - Didn't like it at all, becomes a "dust collector".
** - Didn't like the book, but had some better parts.
*** - An ok read.
**** - I enjoyed the read very much.
***** - Wow, when is the next book out?

I also use "1/2" on the books I feel is between the ratings above.
About Me
My name is Trond, I live in the southern part of Norway.

I started reading books in earnest in 2007. Now I can't take a weekend trip without a book (or a newly charged kindle) in my bag.

Tveit, Kristiansand, Norway
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