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Jul 28, 2008
Real Name
Mary Stuart
About My Library
A gentleman by the name of Julian Sharman wrote a book concerning my library in 1889, detailing the books I likely owned and talking at great length about them. The book is titled "The Library of Mary Queen of Scots", and it can be found on Google books. The information here is culled from that tome.
About Me
I, Mary Stuart, was Queen of the Scots. I was crowned so in the year following my birth in 1542.

My youth from the age of five onward was spend in France, and there I was well pleased. I was educated and had friends about me. I married at the age of fifteen to Francis, the dauphin. The next year, the King died, and Francis and I ascended to become King and Queen consort of France. Alas, he died the following year, and at seventeen I went home to Scotland.

My life quickly filled with political struggle and turmoil, and after many difficult years I was wed to my cousin, Henry Stewart. This was also difficult, as with my pregnancy he became pompous and hateful, killing my secretary and trying to take power from me. A year after the birth of my son, he met with an unfortunate end, to my great satisfaction.

That same year I wed for the last time, to James Hepburn the Earl of Bothwell. This was not my choice, but one bears up under these things. Due to religious and political conflicts, I was imprisoned that year and my son James was crowned King of Scotland. The next year, I escaped my imprisonment and sought refuge in England.

In England I was was imprisoned and shuffled about the country, and my troubles were never over. My third husband died in prison in Denmark when I was 35, and I was sadly not long for the world myself. At the age of 43 I was tried and convicted of treason, and at 44 I was brutally executed.

My son eventually became King of both Scotland and England when Queen Mary died childless. He had a grand monument built for me in Westminster Abbey. Please do stop by sometime and visit.
Westminster Abbey, London, England