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Feb 20, 2022
About My Library

Physical shelving location is recorded as a tag:

[location][bookshelf]-[shelf][front/back (if double shelved)]

B1-1B = Basement bookshelf #1, first shelf, back row
B1-2A = Basement bookshelf #2, second shelf, front row
N2-1 = Nook bookshelf #2, first shelf

In most cases, books are shelved alphabetically by author. (Exceptions: display shelves where relative size is a factor.) Series/subseries are generally shelved together and in order (when all are available in the same format; some may be split between hardcover, trade paperback, mass market, and ebook shelves).

Ebooks will include tags relevant to purchase libraries (e.g. Kobo-MM is Megan's Kobo account, AMZN is the family digital products on Amazon, and MISC is any other sideloading option: direct purchases from publishers, story bundles, etc.) Ebook tags will also include DRM vs. DRM-Free. DRMed versions are more likely to become unreadable in the future, but tags regarding the account associated with the purchase may make recovery easier.

EPUB is the default/favored ebook format. Any ebook without a tag relating to format (e.g. PDF) should be assumed to be available as some variety of EPUB. (In the case of multi-format bundles, the non-EPUB versions are not enumerated.) Informal copies may or may not be cataloged (this includes uncorrected proofs, converted files, copies supplied for award reading, etc.)

Cataloging standards are not stringent. Generally, searches will begin by using ISBNs, then title/author, with the closest match selected. Similarly, the chosen cover will be the closest cover art match rather than scanning or conducting an extensive search (particularly when it comes to mass market paperbacks, rife with cover variations). Recognition is the priority. Books that require cataloging will not have full bibliographic data (e.g. the dimensions of the May 1990 issue of Analog are not a concern). The "media" bibliographic information should be generally correct (e.g. paper book vs ebook) but more attention will be paid to the accuracy of the Collection (MMPB vs Ebook).

Individual items will generally not be described beyond the bibliographic information. Personal notes, marginalia, numbering, author signature, etc. will largely go uncaptured in this system; nor are there likely to be reviews or reminiscences about the books in question. This account's aims are intellectual control and the ability to find the books.

About Me

We're the Miller family. We have a lot of books.