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Nov 21, 2019
About My Library
You might assume that we treasure the classics, and that may be true. All of these reside at our home, in the locations that are designated in the non-genre collections, though it may branch out in the future.
You may notice that some books are not assigned locations, that's because they get a special place.
All of these have been accumulated over quite a long period, nearly none of them being new.
About Me
We're not interested in reviewing or conversing. We simply want to keep track of our papered (and whatever compact disks are made out of) treasures. However, we may review and/or rate certain works that are dear to us.
If that means that we add things that apparently don't exist here or is not published we will do so (we come from a family of writers). We are also striving to keep the all data of the contents of our library as accurate as possible. We know this to be a daunting task, but luckily, we have an eighty-percent qualified librarian to aid us (that does most of the work anyway).
All outlined in the previous paragraph is a very slow work in progress. The librarian wishes that they could make a living off of doing this, but they are volunteering and therefore can't cover expenses for getting all the regular things a person expects to exist with.
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