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Originally I was just going to list all the books I've read since I started keeping track in 2002. After I had all those posted though, I started remembering books I enjoyed previously, from my much younger years. So, of course, they had to be added. Then I recalled certain books I've always loved reading to my kids when they were small, again, another list was born. My library is sort of a work in progress, I often think of a book I read in my twenties or beyond that I still need to add.

I tried to remember all the books well enough to rate them, frankly, not all of them were all that memorable, but I sort of had the theory that if I finished it, it must have been at least average.

I don't know how other readers rate their books, but I sort of designated the stars to mean three stars meant the book was average to me, four was great, five meant it was spectacular, two is ...meh..... and one, well, you know....
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For as long as I can remember, I've loved books. I think my favorite line from a book comes from Jonathan Hull's Losing Julia, "Like most bookworms I read so as not to be alone, which often annoys those who are trying to make conversation with me."
Canyon Country, CA
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