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Jean Rosenberg
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This is a library of reviews. The pamphlets and books entered in this account are all either about Quakerism or relevant to it. I write a review of every one I enter here, and give most of them ratings on the five-star system. Note that THREE STARS means a good pamphlet/book with solid information, although it might not be of interest to everyone, FOUR STARS means very good, really useful and interesting, and FIVE STARS means outstanding, really special in the insights and writing. TWO STARS means there is some worthwhile material in here, although the quality is compromised by something, such as a boring or abstruse writing style or dated material. ONE STAR means it is hardly worth reading, in my opinion, although there may be something in it. NO STARS means I really do not recommend it. The review describes the content and assesses the quality.
I do not own most of these pamphlets and books, but have read them from Friends' meeting libraries or friends' libraries. I have read and reviewed most of the Pendle Hill Pamphlets, and all of them from recent years. I find that there are many valuable ones and even many outstanding ones. In fact, I started this reviewing project since there are no or few reviews of these pamphlets, and I think the good ones can be extremely helpful resources for Friends (and others). Reading through these pamphlets has been a wonderful Quaker education for me. (Pendle Hill Pamphlets are published by Pendle Hill, a Friend's educational center in Pennsylvania, USA. There are over 450 of them. They are all available from the Pendle Hill bookstore.)
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I am a Quaker from Vermont, USA; my meeting is unprogrammed; my yearly meeting is New England Yearly Meeting. I am what would be called a liberal Friend, and on my spiritual path I find the Christian, Jewish, Buddhist,and other religious traditions enlightening and indispensable.
Middlebury, Vermont, USA