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Jennifer Brockman
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I read a lot, and I read a lot of everything. My library is an eclectic mix of history, psychology, sociology, and mythology sitting right next to manga, comics, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, the classics, and good ol' sci-fi.
About Me
Schez is a creature of few desires: a good book, a crackling fire, some beautiful music, and a fuzzy cat.

As Anne McCaffrey would say, "Everything else is subject to change."


I'm never content to read just one book at a time. I always have at least ten books on my nightstand. Books are like different types of alcohol- sometimes you want something light and fluffy, other times you want something that punches you in the back of the throat and burns all the way down. Why limit yourself to one thing at a time?
Acampo, CA
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Bookstores: Barnes & Noble Booksellers - Sioux Falls, Hein & Co., The Book Exchange, Zandbroz Variety

Libraries: Lodi Public Library, Sacramento Public Library - Galt - Marian O. Lawrence Library

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