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Le Triangle secret, tome 3 : De cendre et d'or by Didier Convard

Beasts, Men and Gods by Ferdinand Ossendowski

Legion of Videssos (Videssos Cycle, Book 3) by Harry Turtledove

Swan Peak: A Dave Robicheaux Novel by James Lee Burke

Any Human Heart by William Boyd

Swords of the Legion (Videssos Cycle) by Harry Turtledove

Den of Thieves by James B. Stewart

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Ah well, never mind.
I've reserved 2 for you - I hope that's ok?
I have created a listing, Angel Book #10, for Lords of the NOrth that I am angeling but have not received. I also created 2 blank listings, Angel Book #6 and 1 if you'd like to use for future mooches. The easiest thing to do would be to mooch directly from the recommendation emails.


I have NOT received Falls the Shadow that I am angeling for you, although it has been marked Sent to me. However, in order to allow you to mooch it for 2 points, I have posted it to my inventory (turtlegirl on BM) as Angel Book #5 reserved for you.

Wow! That was a surprise, I'd given up on that one!!

Will pop over to your BM and Mooch now.

Thankyou so much :)

Hi Spinifex, The Man Who Smiled has arrived and is reserved for you to mooch at you leisure.

Burning Roses has arrived and is reserved for you - and already wrapped, addressed and stamped, ready to go!
Done!. I'm looking at a priority mail box and think I can fit at least 10 mass markets. So request away.

Could you PM me with the title please? Merci!
You're very welcome. I'm excited to start angelling on a moderate basis. The moochee looks very reputable, so I'm sure it will work.
God's Englishman (the Cromwell biog) arrived today - it's in pretty poor condition (2 sections are loose, although bound at least in their sections) but there were no condition notes as far as I can remember.
Anyway I will put it up for you. Hopefully you will be able to fix it with glue.
sorry, I missed that in your request.(think I need new

but just to let you know: the owner of "The founding Brothers" has not yet responded to our request which we made for an angel mooch on Dec. 21st. I'll send him/her a reminder, but at this point, i don't think we are going to get a response.
Mooched it, will ping you when it arrives! :)
Brunelleschi's Dome arrived and is reserved for you on BM now :)
Juliette- I have received Pride of Kings and The Hounds of God that I am angeling for you. I have posted them to my inventory (turtlegirl on BM) as Angel Books #5 and 6 reserved for you.

Thanks anyhow, I agree, that would be just about the stinkiest package in the pile. thank goodness the real Roquefort(and other French cheese) is allowed to be imported from France to our grocery stores here.
I think there must be a cheese gene in the French genetic make-up, which all of my grandchildren inherited from their grandfather. Although I love cheeses, those kids are crazy for everything from simple "la vache qui rit" to camenbert and brie. So many American children are picky... don't like vegetables, prefer only hamburgers and fries, steaks, etc. I recently saw a news segment on the preparation of meals for French public schools and was amazed at the varied and elegant menus!!!

Our mooch request for "The Historian" has been accepted, I hope it arrives in a timely manner. I'll let you know .
In the meantime I hope you have a happy holiday season (not too too busy)- a first Christmas for little Blanche!

...And by got, I mean requested, of course. *facepalm*
Dude, I completely forgot to tell you! I got your book, Fin-De-Siecle Vienna, and I will mail it as soon as possible! :)
Hello! The "Renfield" book has arrived and been reserved for you.
~F :)
Would you like me to mail out the book on Wednesday or would you like me to angel a few books for you and send a larger package later? I know you find books here regularly!
No problem :) I just didn't want you to think that you lost out completely. I'm glad Jenni is able to pass on a copy to you.
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan has arrived and I've reserved that and The Boat over on BookMooch for you. I canceled the Brashears book as he has disappeared leaving many people waiting. Hopefully, it will turn up again soon.

Greetings to the mademoiselle.
Thanks! (Am halfway through already - it's quite an easy read :) )
Hi, Gods in Alabama has arrived - do you mind if I read it before I post it on? I understand if you can't wait to get your hands on it...
The Boat has arrived! I'm still waiting to see if my mooch of High Exposure will be accepted. Let's give that one a few more days--his record is spotty, with bursts of sending books out and long stretches of ignoring BookMooch.
I´ll take your offer about Pratchett. I´m not short of books right now, so take all the time you need.
Thank you, very much!!

I've now listed and reserved both the Caudwell and Pratchett books for you over on BookMooch.
~ Helen
Glad to see that Sarah reserved No Angel for you. I love happy endings!
Well, the mooch was accepted, along with 36 others, so maybe it will all work flawlessly.

I managed to find a nice hardcover edition, so I've put up my trade paperback copy of The Broken Shore for mooching. It's on your wishlist, so I've reserved it for you in case you want it.
Hi, sorry I didn't answer earlier, been a busy week with workers disturbing my peace and quiet, but the remodeling is going well and I LOVE the new tile and roomy walk-in shower!! We're now starting on the master bath, after which some serious painting in the rest of the house, and I'll have a brand new house, lol.
so glad little Blanche is thriving. that is such a cute age, and the nice thing about 3 to 6 months, is they learn so fast, are so social, laughing and smiling and responding, yet... when you put her down, she stays there. Watch out when she learns to crawl and later to walk, you won't have a free minute when she is awake!!
I so loved my time with my children when they were babies, and the grandchildren too. Now I guess i'll have to wait a few years before there are any more babies in my life, since my oldest grandchild is only 18 and just started university last year.
Hope your summer has been a good one. how much longer before you have to return to work?
You're very welcome. I'm glad I can help. I am having a very busy summer with some work being done around my house. I realize how much like a "hermit" I have become. I just can't seem to get anything accomplished with two rooms in disarray and workers are coming in and out and part of the house seems like wrecking truck passed through. It will be worth it in the end, but such a hassle. (remodeling and updating bathrooms and part of the kitchen).
I hope your summer is going well, I read your post about being on vacation with nothing to read. Darn! Don't you just hate when that happens? Hugs to you and the "mini-Spini" Blanche.

- g
If you find any other titles I would be happy to Angel them for you, but if you can't I have no problem sending the one book. Happy to do it!

I saw your pimp for the book First Truth, and I have to say, HA! I agree with you!

Cook's other series, the Princess one, is a little better but still not one I would really recommend.

Best to you.
Thanks so much Juliette! I am really looking forward to reading that one!
Hi, Juliette,
No Problem... I understand. It may be a while before you will have the time and energy to start posting and sending out books.
My summer has certainly been a busy one, with organizing my books, remodeling my bathroom, and growing my summer vegetable garden. I had so many books scattered throughout the house, that I hired a computer-savvy neighborhood teenager to input the books into an Excel data file, and I have been shocked to realize that with the SFF collection my neighbor passed on to me, my TBR and my reference books, she has already logged in more than 500 books and she hasn't even started on the French and Spanish books!!
I could easily read a book every few days and have enough books to last me a couple of years without mooching any more!
Unfortunately good books keep popping up and I cannot resist!!
Chat with you soon, hugs to you and little Blanche!
- glenda
Hi Spinifex
"Marking Time: Vol 2 (Cazalet Chronicle)" by Elizabeth Jane Howard has arrived and is reserved for you to mooch. Have you found a second book in Australia yet to go with it?
~ Helen
Thanks so much!
Hi Spinifex

I'm afraid my angel mooch for you for 'Lucky' has been rejected. This was her reason:
"hi im sorry im not actually living in australia at the moment, so i do not have the books with me. i only just re-activated my account yesterday and havent had the chance to take the books down yet. sorry again."
She has now changed the country on her profile to China and removed all books from her inventory.

Sorry it didn't work out.
~ Helen
Hello again! I have a book reserved for you here:
Thank you for my smooches! It was unnecessary, but greatly appreciated. I'm sure I'll spend them quickly and on something fabulous.
Another Thing to Fall has arrived and looks in pretty good condition (dustjacket a bit dogeared). I am just waiting for The Thirteenth Tale now.
Hi Spinifex,
Just to let you know, I am going to cancel my request for Elantris that I requested on your behalf, as it has now been two months with no reply and the owner's account is now on vacation. Hope another copy comes up at some stage!

I've received Red Star Rogue and I've reserved it for you on BookMooch.
Finally got a reply from the owner of Spanish Phrases. It seems he did send it out so, two months later, I went ahead and marked it lost. I will be sending the only book I managed to successfully get (Royal Harlot) out to you in a few days. So sorry you didn't get all your books!
I have received The King's Own that I am angeling for you. I have posted it to my inventory (turtlegirl on BM) as Angel Book #4 reserved for you.

Angel Update :)

As you know, I received Royal Harlot quite awhile ago. The owner of Germs: Biological Weapons and America's Secret War cancelled the mooch. Sorry! I'm still waiting on Easy Spanish Phrase Book. It was supposedly sent early February but I haven't received it. I've contacted the owner and requested he double check that he actually sent it but if he has, it might be lost. I will keep you updated!

Kitchen Confidential has arrived! I've reserved it for you and sent you an email with the link.

Yay! Thank you so much. :D
Hi Spinifex,
I have just reserved Wife to Charles II for you. I can't recall any condition notes with the original mooch, but the book has a bit of a smudge on the top part of the back cover and spine. Other than that, condition is as new though.
Juliette- I have received The King's Favorite and The Sixth Wife that I am angeling for you. I have posted them to my inventory (turtlegirl on BM) as Angel Books # 6 and 7 reserved for you.

Hi, just send you an e-mail on BM too. I have the last two books I agreed to angel for you, if you still want them, they are reserved in your name.
If you have gotten either one from another angel or directly, absolutely no problem. Just let me know what you want to do.

All the best,

i have four children, all born in different countries (Claire in Juvisy sur Orge (when her father was in the french airforce stationed at Le Bourget), Magali in El Biar (Algerie), Gregory in Vitoria,Alava, Spain and Marc in the USA.) and now I have 10 grandchildren, all born in the USA. (And obviously that is the main reason I live in the USA instead of my beloved France... I would miss them so much!!)

I'll see if my grandchildren have some books that they have outgrown and we'll start a little biblioteque pour la petite Spinifex.

And thanks again for all the "smooches" It is really my pleasure to be able to send you books!!

I was a French translator and interpreter for a number of years, and ended my "illustrious" career as assistant to the Attache culturel a l'Ambassade de France a Los Angeles,planning retrospectives of French cinema, artistic exchanges between museums and counseling Amerian students who wanted to study in France. Having dual nationality could be a plus when we see what is happening in American politics today... lol
I appreciate it, but don't go to a lot of trouble. I am coming to France in April, and plan to do some "serious" book shopping, so I would also appreciate any suggestions for an old "francophone" lady who hasnt kept up much with what is happening on the French literature scene for a while. I did manage to obtain some of J.M.G. Le Clezio's books and to be honest, I don't think he wrote anything so innovative that merited receiving last year's Nobel Prize for literature... lol

I just read some of your other messages, I didn't realize you were "expecting" congratulations! Any special little baby things/books you like me to send or bring to France??

I'm taking advantage of your 2-for-1. I guess you have enough points to last you a few months! I hope all is going well for you and that you've carved out a nursery for your expected new roommate.
Got Aztec for you! I think there are or two others I have coming for you, so I'll probably bunch them together, if that's okay!
Unfortunately, the owner of Zero: A Biography of a Dangerous Idea has not responded to any reminders in 3 weeks, nor have they logged into the site at all so I have canceled. Sorry that it didn't work out :-(
The book I'm angeling for you, Zero: A Biography of a Dangerous idea, has not been acknowledged by the owner. I emailed them a reminder a week ago, but they never responded. Do you want me to keep trying?
I think I wrote the last message before my coffee. I completely forgot that when you request a book, it shows up as reserved for the requester so of course, the Spanish book is currently reserved for you. I feel slightly silly. Anyways, I shall keep an eye on it. The reservation expires in three days so I really hope I can snatch it up for then!

Sorry about any confusion :)
I mooched the second book you requested (I can't remember the name off the top of my head but Germs was in the title :P ). If you're still interested in the second, smaller book (I think it was a Spanish phrase book), feel free to switch the reservation to my name and I'll mooch it for you :)
He has not rejected it so it is still reserved under your name. I'll keep an eye on it for the next few days and, when your reservation runs out, I'll try and snatch it :)
BM Angel Update: I'm angeling Pop Internationalism by Paul Krugman for you. The book has yet to even be accepted and the owner has 55 pending requests and has only successfully sent out one book. She hasn't been on BM in 26 days and, probably because of canceled mooches, her account has been put on vacation. I don't know how likely it is I'll be getting this book. I've sent her reminders and emails with no response. Would you like me to keep trying? If you'd like, I could send you Royal Harlot, the other book I have for you, so you could at least get that one, and then I can keep attempting to mooch Pop Internationalism. I also have no problem canceling. Sorry for all of this!

Thanks for letting me read The King's Daughter before sending it on. I promise to try to read it immediately upon receipt!
sorry- it was gone when I checked. I hope someone else got it for you...
I'm pretty sure I got that last night in the haze of BMing!
Additional books would be nice, but not required. I found the zero book to be quite interesting and it was the first of many history of math books that found their way into my library.
Ooh; a girl! A mini-spinifex!!!! How wonderful!

Umm...BTW why did I get a 2-1 deal??? That was so nice, but I don't know why, as I wanted both of them, and I also wanted to help postage vs points costs, and I wasn't angling for a deal, and you had written 3-1! I was going to give them back till I almost did a back-flip when I saw the number you have already. So I will thank you graciously; and accept them in the spirit they were given! But not necessary...I hope I can return the kindness one day.

And thank you for understanding book phobia - so nice to share it! :)
Hi Spinifex,
I don't mind the age of the book at all - as long as I can read all the words. :)
Thanks so much for all this - very much appreciated. I am still having fits of excitement about the Murakami!!!!
I need a life...*sigh*

Hope you are doing OK - not too many 'tummy' troubles or growing pains!
Just letting you know Royal Harlot is in and ready to be mooched! It is under Angel Book #4 (URL = Thanks!
I would love to mooch your copy of Norwegian Wood - if no one else has asked first. :)
Your books are in! (The Germanicus Mosaic, Beware Princess Elizabeth, and The Holy Silence). They are reserved for you, so feel free to mooch at your convenience.
Aaah for some reason when you said "post" it I thought you meant add to your BM inventory not to send to the post office, my mistake, I musn't have been thinking clearly that day... sorry for the misunderstanding

Hi Spinifex,
Just wondering if you know when you would be posting Rose Without a Thorn by Jean Plaidy, no hurry, just didn't want you to forget abut me LOL. Hope you had a good holiday season :)
I'm reading a lackluster mystery, but it's set in Paris a year after I lived there, and is full of the smell of Gitanes and those Minitel machines. Happy New Year and may this year bring many good books to your door.
Oh, thank you for your kind offer but that's not why I mentioned it - it just makes me laugh that I go to that thread to get books for others and end up with a longer list for myself!!
And I am quite pleased to have found this series.. you can tell me your opinion, that would be nice.

Don't worry about notes etc...if you put the book up for mooching, and it is still on my wish-list I will try for it - you have far more important things to worry about this year! :)

I hope you let us know all the news when it happens - in a few months it seems. How very exciting, I'll be watching out eagerly...:)
I just popped by to say Happy New Year!
And then I saw your great news - so congratulations, as well!

And to thank you (I think) for putting me onto a new series- The Libertus Mysteries by Rosemary Rowe! That angel thread of ours is just downright dangerous! :)

Hope you are well - 2010 will be memorable for you undoubtedly! Stay warm!
Happy New Year to you too, Spinifex!

Another year of great reading and all good things to you.

Bonne année & a Happy New Year to you too!

Hope that 2010 is very good to you!
I just saw your comment; it looks like it has already been mooched for you. I'm glad someone managed to get it in time.
Hi Spinifex!

Thank you for the friends invitation. BookMooch has forged another link on LT!

I'm doing some work from home right now and will have to actually drive to work (29 miles, 46.67 kilometers)on New Year's Day to support the finance department with computer year end processing.

I hope you're having a great day and reading at least one good book.

Mooched, thank you so much!!!
The Germanicus Mosaic has been mooched.
Hi! I'll gladly take "Gaudy Night" if it's still available. My Bookmooch id is amwmsw04.

Thanks and happy reading!
Yay books! No big rush about checking; I was just curious. :)
I'm just checking if you're still away from home? (The other packages I sent at the same time as yours have all arrived.)
Thanks for the quick reply, Spinifex - I'll just have to be patient.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you all good things for 2010!

Good day, Spinifex:

Are the Bloomsbury editions of HP hardcovers? If so, I'd like them.

I'm trying to collect them to have in addition to my Scholastic editions and so far only have Goblet of Fire.

I´d love to mooch Stardust, if it is still available. I live in Argentina.
Thanks in advance!!
Hi Spinifex,

Thanks for The Rose Without a Thorn, January is fine, I am in no hurry :)


The request for Holy Silence has been accepted. I'll send it together with your other mooch when they arrive.
Oh, of course! I forgot you were offering two. Paperback, if you please.
Yes, please! That would be totally delightful!

I'm randomchoirho on BM. :D

I read that you were going to put some Bloomsbury editions of Harry Potter books on BookMooch later. Do you mean the children's covers? If so, I'd totally love to grab Order of the Phoenix from you. :)

The mooch for Beware, Princess Elizabeth has been accepted. I'll let you know when it arrives.
I won't be asking you to angel -- well, at least not for this book! The book owner rejected all her pending mooches then took all her books and left!
Thanks for the offer to angel! I did email the book owner and suggested that whoever gave her that information had probably tried to sell her the most expensive postage option. I also asked whether she would re-list the book if I were to find an angel, but I haven't heard back from her yet. I'll be sure to contact you if she agrees to that :-)
Sorry I forgot my BM ID -- it's marabw.
thank you so much! it's lunar
If no one's claimed it yet, I'd love to mooch A Fatal Waltz. My BM ID is sunnylola.
Hi Spinifex,
The owner of Mary, Bloody Mary: A Young Royals Book has not logged in now for more than a month and their inventory has gone on vacation, I don't think this is going to be a successful mooch. Do you want me to list the other book I mooched you and leave this one or do you still want to wait?

I'm actually sending far larger piles in USPS flat-rate boxes at the moment, so no real worries. :)
I would be interested in the fairytale book, I did my russian A level coursework on fairytales:) I know what you mean about all the children's books being translations, I had the same problem when i went to Russia on a school trip.
Thank you! That's very nice :)
I thought they sold them individually (at least, that's what I saw on the Russian website), but maybe they only did in the past.

It's fine. I didn't see her reply before I commented, as I was trying to check on my pending if I still had books for you. :)
Hi Spinifex,
Just to let you know that your book Signora Da Vinci has arrived. Let me know if/when you don't want to wait any longer for the second book you asked me to mooch :)

No problem!
Hi Spinifex,
Thanks so much for all your angel help - and if I can return the favour, if ever needed, from down here, please don't hesitate to ask.
Hi Spinifex,
Have mooched the copy from Leeta, I will cross my fingers as she has some requests from August 10/11th that she hasn't yet replied to and hasn't logged into her account for 16 days.

Happy mooching!

Hi Spinifex!
Second Glance has arrived today and is up on bookmooch for you. Happy mooching!
Hi Spinifex
Unbelievable - that's amazing, considering they hadn't been marked 'accepted'; let alone 'sent'. LOL!!! (I happened to check your profile the other day and had thought that transaction probably "weren't happening" -hehe!) And I was sad for your book too!
I don't mind the damage; I will mend it whenever it arrives.
Happy Holidays (??) or if not, 'enjoy overseas". :)
Thanks so much for 'angel' mooching The Music of Chance by Paul Auster for me.
FYI - my BM id and username are Lman too.
Thanks, that made me smile. Sad, but true.

I'm reading the "restored" edition of my favorite book, A Moveable Feast. I hope you are taking advantage of both the time of year and your location to occasionally sit outside a cafe with a book and either a citron presse (can't do the accents) or a cold glass of white wine. I'm going to do the Southern equivalent this afternoon--sit on the deck under the trees with a glass of iced tea.
There was a contentious discussion on another forum (999 Challenge) and as it heated up, all I could remember was your comment that it's all fine as long as no one brings up nazis. No one did, although the term "holy war" was used.

I'd be interested in Scent of Sake if it's still available.

It took a while, but The Beckoning Silence has finally arrived, and I've posted it for you.
Thanks Spinifex,

If you would reserve "When Gods die" for me it would be very much appreciated.

All the Best

Have fun!! It's bbb47. If that doesn't work, my e-mail will get you there: cyeates AT nycap DOT rr DOT com.

No problem, whenever you get to it is fine. Thanks so very much. I hope Berlin is a holiday.

All the best,
If someone hasn't beaten me too it would you reserve "What Angels Fear" for me? I go by Excelis on bookmooch.
Ha! That's right--I was leaving for a week and wanted to get everything in the mail before I went. I skipped a few steps there. Still, I'm glad it arrived and I'll reserve it for you on BookMooch. Perfect reading for a hot, hot day.
I just got an email from the sender of The Beckoning Silence saying that she won't be able to mail it until the week after next - hope that won't be a problem for you.
BookMooch is down for awhile and I'm going off to the wilds of Florida (actually the beaches and pools of Florida) for a week, so I mailed the book to you today.
"No Shortcuts to the Top" is finally here and I've reserved it for you on BookMooch. I'm fascinated by high-altitude climbing, mainly because I can't imagine loving something so painful and difficult. And it's a perfect hot weather book!
Ah, I see Heather got it for you. On an English monarch reading kick?
Sorry, it's gone. I hope another Angel got it for you?
Hi Spinifex,

That's fine- thank you so much for trying! Yes, it is annoying, especially when these people list heavily wishlisted books, it makes you feel like they set out with the intent to con people...

Anyway, let's give them the benefit of the doubt and as you say wait a couple of weeks, and then I'll put it back on my wishlist.

Thanks again for your help!

Thank you, Spinifex! I've just mooched it. No rush - take your time and send it by slowest boat!

If you are still interested in The Man in The Moss, let me know and I'll list it and reserve it for you. I won't be able to ship overseas for another week or so, I hope that is not a problem.
Your book is here and reserved for you on BookMooch. It's in fantastic shape.
oops, sorry! I didn't mean to send you on a seek-and-find mission -- I fully intended to include her email address. Anyway, obviously you found the connection -- I guess I should finish my coffee before I try writing emails early in the morning.
I've heard from the owner of the Afghan Campaign and she says she'll happily send it to me. Yay!
There has been no word from the owner of The Afghan Campaign and she hasn't been on the site for a few weeks. I'll give her a few more days, but I don't think she's participating anymore.
De rien! LT Authors can be a real mess -- I have a "David Mitchell" in my list I've never even heard of! He just happens to share his name with the famous British author. I would like to get rid of him, but can't without deleting the "real" DM's books. :D

And thank you for your kind words! I know what you mean about the war, so I don't have too many books about battles or geo-politics. What I'm really interested in is how WWI ushered in Modernism (hence all the poetry!). I'm also interested in how the war led into the 1920s, as my other great love is the Lost Generation...which was based in your beautiful city, of course!

P.S. I like the lack of 'rhyme and reason' in your library! It looks like you have many wonderful and varied interests -- it must be a pleasure to browse through. :) is available with Bookcrossing labels. Let me know if you want it and/or post on the Angel thread. :)
Bonjour Spinifex,

I saw your question on "Aide en Français" -- because I read French better than I write it, I thought I would leave you a comment rather than try to post in mangled French! :D David Liss is on your list because you have his book A Conspiracy of Paper. The only way to keep him from showing up in your Member Connections is to delete his book from your library.

Bonne chance,

P.S. You have a great library! :)

Wow, that was really speedy! Both are now officially mooched. Thanks so much!
I'm sorry. I missed the timeframe. :/

I should have told you to have more people watching around then.
Yes, I'm sure life can be terrible, living as you are in the most beautiful city in the world as you do! Especially now that spring is here.
Wowza, we have roughly the same number of books, but you have some serious space constraints. Do you have bookshelves in the bathroom? I just redecorated our tiniest bathroom and managed to put in a wee shelf that fits four books with loo rolls as bookends.
I've mooched it! I'll keep you up to date on its progress.
I'm hovering...
let's try. Give me the member's name and the title so that I can hover over her inventory.
These are the two books you've angel-mooched for me from dede230677: Deaf Sentence Emotionally Weird
Thanks again!
I'll try to keep an eye out for you. The reservation expires about 8.5 hours from now.
Thanks so much spinifex. I appreciate the angel mooch very much... or to be perfectly honest, my wife does! She's the pastry chef. :-)
The owner of the Mosquito War just rejected my mooch. He can't find the book. His apology was very nicely worded. Please feel free to ask me to get any books you want from insular Americans, especially since I just got the book you sent me and it looks much more fun than it did in the review I read. You're in the 12th! You are far from my old (and tiny) room!
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