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Mar 2, 2009
Real Name
Seraphim Joseph Sigrist
About My Library
My library is not organized at all which makes
things hard to find but on some level more
interesting too. Didnt think would put up this
many but it entertained maybe the obsessive
cataloger in myself!

I have tagged books related to the Grail,
Patristic=Early Church and its teachers,
Orthodox Christian, Poetry, fantasy, novels,
history,psychology,Judaica, eastern religions,
Bible, art etc. Of course there are many general
Christian books, of these I have gathered those on
the inner life(mystical one might say and excepting
the Eastern Orthodox ones)as 'prayer'.I would like to
call attention to the tag "some favorites" as it might
be of interest to a browser. I have put some review
notes on some here. Besides which there are
the 'favorite authors' listed are just three of the
authors I like who are perhaps not as well known as
they deserve to be.

I would also like to mention the John the Balladeer
stories and novels of Manly Wade Wellman.
Of philosophers Heraclitus, Nicholas da Cusa,
Gabriel Marcel, Simeon L Frank.

and a smile and a cigar to Flip the Trickster figure
in Little Nemo in Slumberland best of all comics.

in listing I have not been scrupulous about edition
In general I have kept to one tab per book except
for those also among "some favorites".

well, I will be happy to hear from
anyone about books if you wish. Indeed any
exchange would go far to justify the work of
putting this up! and my email
About Me
I am a Bishop of the Orthodox Church
who lived in Japan and now back in the
lower Hudson Valley. the photo is not
at my library, actually at a monastery
in England ,but it seems to fit.
Lower Hudson Valley
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