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Bisexual (1,611), Novel(s) (1,011), MC: Cisgender Bisexual Woman (503), MC: Cisgender Bisexual Man (497), Setting: United States (331), Gay (281), Lesbian (273), Fantasy (197), IMI: Transgender (193), Mixed Orientation Relationship (189), IMI: Black (141), MC: Cisgender Gay Man (136), Memoir/Autobiography (133), Polyamory (125), MC: Cisgender Bisexual Girl (125), Anthology (119), MC: Cisgender Lesbian Woman (114), Setting: New York (110), IMI: Asian (108), Setting: New York City (NY) (102), Science Fiction (100), Writers (97), Setting: United Kingdom (91), Setting: California (90), Setting: England (89), Queer (83), MC: Cisgender Bisexual Boy (81), Sociology (77), IMI: Latinx (75), Short Stories/Novelettes (73), IMI: People of Color (Unknown Race/Ethnicity) (73), Paranormal (71), BDSM (70), SC: Cisgender Bisexual Woman (58), Musicians (57), Magic (57), Novella(s) (56), Essay(s) (56), Biography (54), IMI: Working-Class (54), IMI: Jewish (54), Psychology (53), IMI: Multiracial (49), Mental Health Issues (48), Substance Abuse (46), Setting: London (England) (46), College/University Students (46), IMI: Japanese (41), HIV/AIDS (41), Setting: France (41), Politics (41), Comics (38), SC: Cisgender Bisexual Man (38), Setting: Los Angeles (CA) (37), Urban Fantasy (37), IMI: Nonbinary (36), Setting: San Francisco (CA) (36), Artists (34), Actors (33), TW: Rape/Sexual Violence (33), IMI: Disability (32), IMI: Indian (31), Pansexual (29), Graphic Novel (28), Sex Work (28), Dystopia (28), Military (28), New Adult (27), Vampires (25), Setting: Paris (France) (25), MC: Cisgender Gay Boy (24), IMI: Genderqueer (24), Religion (23), Spirituality (23), MC: Cisgender Lesbian Girl (22), Setting: Canada (22), Feminism (21), Literary Criticism (21), Asexual (20), Coming Out (20), Aliens (20), Setting: Massachusetts (20), Translation (18), Horror (18), IMI: Muslim (17), IMI: Intersex (17), SC: Cisgender Bisexual Girl (17), Interviews (16), Setting: Australia (16), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (16), Threesomes (16), Setting: 1970s (16), TW: Sexual Abuse (16), Setting: 1990s (15), Academia (15), Setting: Illinois (15), Graphic Memoir (15), Queer Theory (15), Setting: Chicago (IL) (15), IMI: Chinese (15), Organized Crime (14), World War II (14), Fairies (14), Problematic Aspects (14), Public Health (14), Setting: Italy (14), Steampunk (13), Setting: 1950s (13), Activism (13), Short Story/Novelette (1) (13), Setting: 1980s (13), MC: Nonbinary Bisexual Person (13), Humor (13), Autobiographical Fiction (13), IMI: Mexican (13), Witches (13), Christianity (12), Setting: 1920s (12), Manga (11), Space Opera (11), IMI: Cuban (11), Setting: Boston (MA) (11), Setting: 1930s (11), Time Travel (11), Psychotherapy (11), IMI: Indigenous Peoples (11), Post-Apocalyptic (11), Cross-dressing (11), TW: Suicide/Suicide Attempt (11), Mythology (10), Setting: Japan (10), MC: Cisgender Pansexual Woman (10), IMI: Puerto Rican (10), IMI: Genderfluid (10), Setting: 1800s (10), Setting: Georgia (10), TW: Domestic Violence (10), Setting: Louisiana (10), Journalism (9), MC: Cisgender Asexual Man (9), Setting: Toronto (ON) (9), Photography (9), Letters/Correspondence (9), Setting: India (9), Setting: 1960s (9), Setting: New Orleans (LA) (9), Setting: Texas (9), Setting: 1940s (9), Superheroes (9), Setting: Washington (9), SC: Cisgender Gay Man (8), Setting: Ancient Greece (8), Film Criticism (8), SC: Cisgender Bisexual Boy (8), Setting: Florida (8), Setting: 1910s (8), Cancer (8), Dancers (8), Illustrated (8), IMI: Arab (8), Setting: Oregon (7), IMI: Korean (7), Setting: Sweden (7), Setting: 2000s (7), Setting: Victorian Era (7), Werewolves (7), Setting: Ireland (7), Marriage (7), World War I (7), Setting: Arizona (6), MC: Cisgender Pansexual Man (6), Slavery (6), IMI: Native American (6), Healthcare (6), Elves (6), Hockey (6), Paramedics (6), Fairy Tales (6), Sexually Fluid (6), Magical Realism (6), Setting: Ancient Rome (6), Spy Novel (6), Parallel Universes (6), Intersectionality (6), Library and Information Studies (6), SC: Cisgender Lesbian Woman (6), IMI: Indonesian (6), Communes (6), Photographers (6), Setting: Ontario (6), Research (6), Setting: Amsterdam (Netherlands) (5), Setting: Atlanta (GA) (5), MC: Transgender Bisexual Woman (5), Setting: Portland (OR) (5), MC: Transgender Bisexual Man (5), Setting: Midwest (U.S.) (5), Cowboys (5), Journals/Diaries (5), Police (5), Boarding School (5), Eating Disorders (5), Social Work (5), Prison (5), IMI: American Indian (5), IMI: Filipinx (5), Librarians (5), Pirates (5), Library Services (5), Family (5), Setting: Pennsylvania (5), IMI: Caribbean (5), Setting: Cuba (5), Setting: Washington DC (5), Setting: Maine (5), Setting: The Netherlands (5), IMI: Vietnamese (5), Play(s) (5), IMI: Jamaican (5), Warlocks (5), Dragons (5), Setting: Jamaica (5), Setting: Spain (5), Setting: Stockholm (Sweden) (4), Setting: Brooklyn (4), Setting: Iowa (4), Setting: Missouri (4), Setting: Tennessee (4), Workplace/Corporate Culture (4), MC: Nonbinary Person (Unknown Sexual Orientation) (4), IMI: Hindu (4), IMI: Haitian (4), Setting: Mumbai (4), IMI: Buddhist (4), Setting: Egypt (4), Western (4), Ghosts (4), Sports (4), Setting: China (4), Friendship (4), Setting: Mexico (4), Pagan (4), Lawyers (4), Pornography (4), Encyclopedias (4), Gambling (4), Doctors (4), Setting: Wisconsin (4), Literature (4), Setting: Germany (4), Setting: 1900s (4), Setting: New Jersey (4), Setting: Late 1800s (4), Motion Picture Industry (4), Swimming (4), Football (American) (4), Emails (4), IMI: Agender (4), Biromantic (3), IMI: Two-Spirit (3), Journalists (3), IMI: Bigender/Multigender (3), Setting: New England (3), The Great Depression (3), SC: Genderfluid Bisexual Person (3), Anthropology (3), Setting: 1600s (3), IMI: Autistic (3), Art (3), IMI: Blind/Visually Impaired (3), Fundamentalist Christianity (3), Angels (3), Reference (3), Setting: Colorado (3), Media Studies (3), Setting: Berlin (3), IMI: Maori (3), Television Industry (3), Tattoo Artist (3), IMI: Lebanese (3), Setting: Dublin (Ireland) (3), SC: Cisgender Gay Boy (3), Setting: Seattle (WA) (3), Harlem Renaissance Writers (3), TW: Torture (3), Setting: Cambridge (MA) (3), Setting: Venice (3), Setting: Alaska (3), Apocalyptic (3), Anorexia (3), Cultural Theory (3), Setting: Quebec (3), Soccer (3), Colonization (3), Summer Camp (3), Setting: Wales (3), Television Criticism (3), Bipolar Disorder (3), First Contact (3), Cults (3)
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Oct 29, 2015
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The Bi-bliography
About My Library
The database is divided into several collections, which are listed at the top of this webpage. Books may belong to more than one collection. To view all books at once, select "All collections."

When viewing a specific collection (or all collections), the following column labels appear in the default list setting (from left to right):

• Cover Image
• Title
• Author: Last Name, First Name
• Date: The original publication year
• Tags: Tags added by the Bi-bliography. See the tag abbreviations key below.
• Collections: All Bi-bliography collections to which the book belongs
• CK* Awards and honors
• CK Series: Series name and book number
• Comments: When possible, the Bi-bliography provides the following information for each book:
1. Bisexual Content: A brief bisexual character description (for fiction titles) or content overview (for non-fiction titles)
2. Intersecting Marginalized Identities (IMI): For fiction titles, includes information about bisexual characters' gender, race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic class. For non-fiction titles, will note if particular IMIs are addressed.
3. Publisher's (or sometimes WorldCat) Summary (if available)
• Entry date: The date the book was added to the database

*Some column labels begin with "CK," which stands for Common Knowledge. Each work in LibraryThing has a Common Knowledge page associated with it, where LibraryThing members may add information about that work, such as original publication date, people/characters, important places, etc. It's really quite wonderful, but please know that the Bi-bliography does not necessarily create or control this information.

Please note: When you click on a title from within the database, you are taken to the work's main page, where you can view tags, reviews, etc. from all LibraryThing members who have cataloged that particular work. The amount of information is dependent on how popular the work is. Some interesting things to view: Common Knowledge (see mention above), links to published reviews, member reviews, member recommendations, etc.

• IMI - Intersecting Marginalized Identity: Specific intersecting marginalized identity noted after the colon.
• MC - Main Character: Main character's sexual orientation and gender identity noted after the colon.
• SC - Supporting Character: Supporting character's sexual orientation and gender identity noted after the colon.
• TW - Trigger Warning: Used for books that depict domestic violence, sexual abuse, rape/sexual violence, suicide, and torture. Please understand that trigger warnings are added when this content is known. Please contact The Bi-bliography if you believe a trigger warning should be applied to a particular book.

This is not a list of recommended bisexual books, but rather an attempt to catalog all books containing bisexual content in one database. The Bi-bliography makes no judgment on the quality of the works included here. For star ratings and reviews, please see the main page for each work. Some entries are given the tag "Problematic Aspects," with the aspects described in the comments field. Please note: Due to its subjective nature, this tag is used very sparingly (mostly for the bisexual sociopath/psychopath trope.)
Below is a section called "Favorite Authors" where you will find the names of bisexual/non-monosexual authors. Clicking on an author name takes you to the author's main page.
Below is a link to the TinyCat version of this database. It contains the same data, works well on mobile devices, and is (arguably) more attractive (unless you are fond of 1990s web design.) However, the layout and access to tags is much less user-friendly.
While most LibraryThing catalogs contain physical collections, the Bi-bliography is not a physical collection.
About Me
Welcome to The Bi-bliography,* a regularly-updated database of bisexual** books. Too often bisexual stories are erased completely or hidden under the LGBTQIA umbrella, making them difficult to locate. The Bi-bliography seeks to be a resource for the discovery of literature that reflects and explores the lives and experiences of bisexual people.

The books in this database fall into the following categories:

Fiction that features bisexual characters in main or significant supporting roles. Please note: The word bisexual appears infrequently in fiction, so what constitutes bisexual fiction is subjective. The Bi-bliography's requirement is that the story features at least one character who has (or has had in the past) romantic and/or sexual attraction/intimacy/relationships with people of two or more genders.
Non-fiction featuring bisexual themes, including theory, history, memoirs, biography, journals, letter collections, etc.
Queer anthologies of various types that include bisexual content.
Poetry containing bisexual content.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please send an email.

*Long before this database existed, writer/teacher/activist/speaker Robyn Ochs created a wonderful list of bisexual books called "The Bi-Bliography." Robyn was contacted about the adoption of the name for this database, and she approves. Thank you, Robyn Ochs!

**Bisexuality is defined as attraction to two or more genders and is used here to encompass all non-monosexual identities (queer, fluid, pansexual, polysexual, omnisexual, etc.) For purposes of clarity and consistency, the collection comments and tags use the term bisexual, but will note if another term is used consistently in a work. Please understand that this language choice is not meant to hurt, exclude, ignore, or marginalize other non-monosexual communities/identities, and all are welcome here.

To receive updates and news:
Like the Bi-bliography Facebook page.

Kerri Price (creator/maintains database and social media) is a bisexual librarian who works in a non-library-yet-library-related setting. She lives near a large and interesting city, with her charming husband and hound dog. She reads (a lot!), writes some things, and has served as a Bisexual Book Awards judge for the past three years.

Kerri thanks the following wonderful people: Sarah Strumpf and Jan Steckel for providing outstanding feedback and encouragement, Martha Hardy for convincing her that other people might actually appreciate this resource, and her BFF for designing the logo.

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