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May 1, 2024
Real Name
Valerie Long
About My Library

My personal library has been growing since I was an infant. When I learned to read at 3 1/2, it really took off. Today, I have a large variety of books, everything from picture books to middle-grade books to teen to mystery to fantasy to nonfiction. Even with 7 book cases in my room, I still have boxes in the basement full of books. I'm looking forward to using LibraryThing to help keep track of what I own. I still read physical books, but I admit I'm mostly an e-reader today. There are certain authors that I want both ebooks and physical books of their titles. I mostly use audiobooks for non-fiction.

About Me

I'm a librarian working as a cataloger in the collections department of the Ann Arbor District Library. I love my job! So much so that even if I came into a lot of money, I'd still want to do my job at least part-time.

I'm an eclectic reader and yet I'm picky about what I read. I absolutely abhor sexual violence, vampires, and zombies and generally will not read books with those elements. There are a few exceptions, but very few. I don't generally join book clubs because I'm picky about what I read. If my anxiety is higher than usual, I often cannot read new-to-me books. I have to reread where there are no surprises.

My favorite genres are cozy mysteries, regular mysteries, romance (levels of heat depend on my mood and mental health), fantasy, nature/natural world, history - both world and U.S., geography, children's literature, teen literature, and art/jewelry crimes/heists.

Outside of reading, I can usually be found hanging out with my partner, Tim, or my family. I love spending time with Tim and with my mom and my brother & his family. I have Chronic Fatigue thanks to a bout of shingles in 2020 (any virus can trigger it). When I have the energy, I like to work in my water garden, take nature photography, and create various types of art (drawing, painting ceramics, abstract art with soft pastels, etc.). (

Southeast Michigan, USA
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