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Aug 22, 2010
About My Library
I've always loved books. When I was a child, the library was my favorite place to hang out, not just for the books but the librarians. They always let me stay as long as I liked, helped me pick out books and even let me check out more than the maximum books allowed.

The library is still my favorite place. I became reacquainted with my local library when I lost most of my books in a flood while they were in storage before I bought my current house. I was more upset about losing the books than anything else. Boxes and boxes of books, all uncatalogued and well loved. I hunt garage sales and thrift shops hoping to replace some of them with other well loved books. Other people save money to purchase new electronic gadgets, I save mine to purchase new books.

My local library calls me the mystery lady because that is 90% of what I check out and I'm always ordering books from throughout our wonderful library system. The head librarian writes down the titles of my books and asks me if they are good so she can recommend new books to her mystery reading friend. Going to the library feels like visiting old friends, both people and books.

I'm in the process of recreating my lifetime library, including the books I've owned and were lost. In addition to mysteries, I will buy any book more than 40 years old regardless of subject. Old books are always well made and well loved.

Chicago, IL
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