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My library is a mixture of books I love for being great books or literature, and trashy suspense and chick lit novels.

Mostly soft-cover, you can't curl up with hard cover, and you definitely can't fall asleep reading a hard cover (you might poke your eye out!).

I keep track of books I own and have read or intend to read soon. With Collections I am also starting to keep track of books I have read but have given away, or I borrowed. I don't expect to be able to back-fill this for all books I've ever read.

Some favorite books: To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee (I believe EVERYONE should read this book). Nineteen eighty-four and Down and Out in Paris and London George Orwell and The Poisonwood Bible Barbara Kingsolver.

I rate my books after reading them. It is not a scientific method, I mostly go on gut feeling. But Generally 5* is a favorite and 3* if average.
I rate books within their category...i.e. if I give a chick lit book 5* it means it is great chick lit, not that I consider it on par with great books I give 5*. Similarly a chick lit book with 2* is bad chick lit.
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I am always looking for new authors and books to try.
Feel free to drop a comment if you visit my library.

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