About My Library
My library is largely composed of five groups of books:

1. Economics, sociology and political theory texts
2. Architecture books
3. Books on film
4. Mysteries I picked up to read on trains and buses
5. Random books that I've been gifted or impulse bought
Burlingame, Ca
Favorite Authors
Local Favorites

Bookstores: Ave Maria Community Book Center, Inc., KAYO books, Powell's - Hyde Park, Seminary Co-op Bookstore, William Stout Architectural Books

Libraries: A.K. Smiley Public Library, Athenaeum Music & Arts Library, Bibliothèque Forney et fonds de la bibliothèque des Arts Graphiques, Bibliothèque municipale Chaptal, Bixby Memorial Library, Clapp Memorial Library, Fővárosi Szabó Ervin Könyvtár (FSZEK), Hackley Public Library, Harrison Memorial Library, Hinsdale Public Library, Plantin-Moretus Museum Main Library, Providence Athenaeum, Shrewsbury Library, Stadtbücherei Würzburg, Thomas Crane Public Library, Troy Public Library - Main Library, York Minster Library

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