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Nov 15, 2008
About My Library
I have a library at school in my classroom...I lose somewhere between 12-25 books a year. When I was working on my English teaching credential, I had a professor who just made me want to be a great teacher -- his name is Joe Potts. He said, "Well, if you lose books from your library to teenagers, do you really care that much? In the grand scheme of things, is that so bad?" and I decided that although it may be costly, I don't care. It's my donation to the world. I do keep treasured books safe at home -- I lug in my poetry collection once a year, share it, but then take it home again. If I lost Spaniard in the Works by John Lennon, I'd be sad and blue.
About Me
I'm a mom, a golfer, a high school English teacher and the varsity golf coach for both girls and boys; my BA is in Comparative Literature with a concentration in Religious Studies; have done extensive graduate work in Feminist Spirituality through Immaculate Heart College Center in Los Angeles (sadly, this institution is gone) and in Education through CSULB and Whittier College, and some work in Library/Information Science through San Jose State. I am a South Basin Writing Project Fellow, and I belong to two bookclubs.
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