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Jan 9, 2006
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anna saccheri
About My Library
after many moves, i have decided to stop collecting books. they are just too heavy! and, really it is a shame to just let them sit on shelves collecting dust. i have developed a new money and space saving system: now my library is the local public library. i got a job there and work as a circulation clerk and in doing so, i am exposed to many books. often a book will pique my interest or a coworker will recommend something and i end up checking it out and taking it home. sometimes friends give me books to read or recommend things they think i would like. some of the books are great, and some i would rather not even list here.
About Me
i am a part-time clerk at a public library. in my free time i keep house, do graphic design (album cover artwork, web site design) and play the accordion.
palo alto, ca
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