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Jan 3, 2007
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Wish I had more time to read and more places to put my books.
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"10th Kingdom", 1950s, 1960s, "acrylic painting", "adobe photoshop cs", "all forms of art", "Amy Brown", art, artists, "art galleries", artwork, astrology, "aurora borealis", autumn, "belly dance", backgammon, beach, biking, books, "Brian Froud", brownies, "card games", Celtic, centaurs, changelings, "Cicely Mary Barker", computers, concerts, convertibles, crafts, crocheting, dance, dancing, daydreams, dominos, drawing, drawings, driving, dvds, dwarves, elves, emilie, "enchanted forests", exotica, fae, faerie, "faerie kings", "faerie festivals", "faerie princes", "faerie princesses", "faerie queens", "faerie rings", "faerie royalty", faeries, fairies, "fairy tales", "fairytale illustrations", fairytales, fall, fantasies, fantasy, festivals, "flea markets", flowers, folklore, forests, french, gnomes, "good faeries", gothic, greece, "green men", "green women", "grimms fairy tales", gypsies, hiking "homemade ice cream", "ice cream", imagination, "jigsaw puzzles", literature, "live plays", love, "male faeries", martinis, mermaids, mermen, "middle earth", moonbeams, mountains, movies, "mural painting", museums, music, nature, "New York", nymphs, ocean, "oil painting", "original artwork", painting, paintings, photography, "photo journals", pixies, poetry, rain, "rain storms", reading, renaissance, "renaissance faires", retro, satyrs, "sea food", "sharing artwork", "showing artwork", sketching, spring, stardust, starlight, summer, tiki, "tiki lounge", "tiki lounge music", "Tinkerbell" travel, traveling, "tree spirits", trees, "Trompe l'oeil", "ultra-lounge music", walking, watercolors, wings, wishes, writing, "yard sales".
Kansas City, MO