Nov 15, 2010
Real Name
Arthur J. Miramontes
About Me
Art, and his son Arturo, are first time authors that have been inspired by the youngest one in the family - Andres. Arturo is an Honors student in his third year at San Jose State University majoring in Animation, and minoring in Music. He also has an incredible talent for developing colorful kid-friendly illustrations. Besides his interest with children's books, he has a passion for creating his own unique comic book characters.
Art is a manufacturing executive that has developed a talent for creating children's short stories as well. Art is very passionate about education, more specifically about reading. Art loves spending time with his three sons, Arturo, Alejandro, and Andres. He currently resides in Brentwood, California with his wife Wilma I. Miramontes, who is a published author of children's short stories, and most notable for her book, "Carrousel De Fantasia".
Brentwood, Ca
Favorite Authors