About My Library
ArtsLink NB's lending library provides members with access to a huge variety of equipment and books. We’ve reorganized and made additions to our inventory to better serve the needs of our members.

Equipment available: microphones, cameras, speakers, laptops, spot lights, usb keyboards, ring lights….just to name a few!

Available books include topics such as painting, art history, exhibition catalogs, business, photography and so much more.

We have physical books available through librarything/tinycat and ebooks available through Libby.
About Me
ArtsLink NB is a member-based arts service organization, founded in 2009 to advance the arts in New Brunswick by linking and unifying artists and arts organizations and promoting their value. We represent New Brunswick artists of all disciplines from across the province.

Mission:ArtsLink NB unifies New Brunswick’s arts and culture sector and fosters the sector’s contributions to a dynamic and prosperous province.
Saint John, NB
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