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Jul 28, 2008
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About My Library
My library has taken over, I have run out of room! I prefer First Editions and hardbacks. Many of the old Western Fictions that I have are from the early 1900's with the original dust jackets which have those nice bright colors and those pulpy graphics that I love. Many a young artist started out painting these wonderful covers. The thrill of the hunt is always invigorating! I have been collecting horse books since childhood with many first editions.I have a large collection of Western Americana and continue looking for Australian writers (lucky my family members in Australian send me as much as they can). Leather volumes have a special case in my living room. I love reading British mysteries and I am most proud of my signed editions by P.D. James. Many signed books reside in my library including Wallace Stegner and Ray Bradbury. I don't think I could ever read them all but I will keep on trying :)

" And God took a handful
of southerly wind,
blew His breath over it and
created the horse."

Bedouin Legend
About Me
I started reading very young. I also am a collector so my library grows on a weekly basis. I live in Southern California and there are plenty of resources to find old and new collectable books. As I am the daughter of an Australian mother and a father from Texas, the love of horses, the West and Australian writers are a given. Native Americans and Childrens books are also one of my passions.. My intrests in horses and cowboys have led me down a wonderful path from childhood when my family couldn't afford a real horse to my adulthood which has been enriched by my own horses. I have been lucky enough to turn my love of horses into a career that I have loved all my working life.

The photo on my profile is the unveiling of the statue of Zenyatta at Santa Anita Racetrack, one of the best horses to ever run.

"When you lay me to slumber
no spot you can choose
but will ring with the rhythm
of galloping shoes
and under the daisy's no grave be to deep
for the hooves of the horses
to sound in my sleep"
Chino Hills, California
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