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May 27, 2009
About My Library
The books that are in my library over the last few years are books that I have read completely and/or have bought and added to my own personal library.
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I am a divorced mother of two boys; the oldest now a full-time college student and the youngest a junior in high school. They are my two favorite people in the universe.

My love of books can be traced back to a giant box of books my aunt sent to me when I was 6. They were mostly Dr. Seuss books and those "I can read them all by myself" books. A few of my favorites you can find in my library here. As an only child living out in a rural area with not many other kids around, I had a lot of time by myself. I can still remember the exact spot I would sit in my little bedroom and read. My mother would also read out loud to me any of the books she was reading. My grandmother, who I used to spend a lot of time with, would spend most of her days reading anything and everything. She told me once that she could talk to anyone anywhere about anything because she had read so much. When I was in grade school our teachers would read a book out loud to the class. When I was in fifth grade, our teacher read to us [Where the Red Fern Grows]. He cried at the end and so did the BOYS! It amazed me that a book could wield such power!

As I grew older, I might read a book here and there or read books required for my college classes, but I certainly was not the "book nerd" I am today. About 10 years ago, my aunt, the English teacher, recommended some books to me. Being newly divorced and broke with two small children and not able to go out and buy books, I headed off to the public county library and got the book for FREE! This started my addiction to the library - and READING. It didn't help matters any when I landed a job next door to it! I cannot say enough good things about the library!

A few years ago the head librarian at our local library started a book club. I was so thrilled to find "people who read." I discovered LT while looking up a review for a book that I was considering recommending to our book club. Because of my work schedule, I can no longer make it to my RL book club so am very grateful to have Club Read to take its place!
Besides reading I love to bake, tend to my flower garden(s) in our not-so-big back yard; tackle the occasional cross-stitch project (some of which actually get framed and hung on the wall!); watch mind-numbing sitcoms on TV and watch funny movies. A few years ago I took on online course through the local university and earned my certificate in medical coding.
Southern California
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