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Aug 9, 2008
Real Name
Beel Z. Bubba
About My Library
There is a wide variety of subjects that interest me: ancient rome, boatbuilding, cryptography, languages, evolution, etc... My wife refers to me as a butterfly. No, not for my beautiful, graceful wings; but for my inability to maintain my interest in any one subject for a substantial length of time. I'm constantly fluttering around from one subject to the next, sampling the nectar from each. But is that so bad?

The only problem I would admit to having is acquiring books faster than I can read them; which has resulted in about half of the books in my library having yet to be read. And then I'm always checking books out from the library, and reading them, which exacerbates the problem. If I could only stop acquiring more books, until I've had a chance to read some of what I already have!

About Me
I work in a library. For me, that's akin to being an alcoholic, and working in a liquor store.

I believe the WHITE CHOCOLATE MACADAMIA NUT COOKIE to be the crowning achievement of western civilization, and dare anyone to prove otherwise.

I've managed to make it to ripe middle age without ever having accomplished a single thing of import. No mean feat, I can assure you.

Currently, I have two priorities in my life:
Priority No. 1: making my daughter laugh until she pees herself
Priority No. 2: making sure I get enough fiber

Austin, TX
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