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I've imported my Goodreads library in March 2013 (I'm one of the refugees from the Amazon acquisition of GR), which contains about 5 years worth of books added as I read them plus a few older books that I could remember reading when I first created my Goodreads collection back in 2008. The library is a mixture of books I own, used to own or have borrowed from various sources. I read books in any format I can (I have a sony eReader plus an iPad on which I read the occasional kindle title) and have a particular fondness for audiobooks.
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I'm Australian. These days I tend to read fiction, mostly crime fiction. I used to read whatever I could find at my local library but over the past five or so years have been able to be more discerning - with a bit more disposable income and easier access to cheaper books than it's possible to buy in Australia. I like the kind of crime fiction that makes me think and like to read from a variety of countries.
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