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Oct 21, 2010
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Christopher Allan Woytowich
About Me
Born on September 10, 1982 in Edmonton, Christopher Allan Woytowich is son to the parents of Debbie and Larry Woytowich. Chris was raised in Camrose for all of his life and throughout his youth he was a very active boy; his attention suddenly calmed to a new focus when his eyes sighted his first knight.
From a very early age Chris held a power passion for the unique age and time of medieval and fantasy works, growing through the years the passion held a cornerstone to his keeping out of trouble and with it came the gift of imagination. Chris created games and scenarios that were as unique as he was and aided the guidance of his parents to strong independence and high will with the mind frame.
As Chris matured so did his passion, to a time that brought him around to the very collection of art and weapons from the age he cares for so much. Chris still resides in Camrose with his beloved wife at his side, who has also aided in his passion where ever she was able, becoming not just a partner in life but one in the completion of his book writing as well. With such a combination in support and love does Chris hope to continue his passion holding the promise of more writings to come!
Camrose, AB