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At home over 4000 volumes until I gifted half to the new library at my school. My library here consists of books I have read or am reading....and it is taking forever to add them..LOL
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Mr. King is the Cuba expert who has spent at least three months a year on the forbidden island since 1993. He's an author and lecturer on Cuba who specializes in Cuban culture, history, religion and US- Cuban relationships. He holds the rank of Babalawo with Wanaldo in the Afro - Cuban religion of Orisha worship.

Literary offerings include: "Traveling Lite" an 88 page travelogue of a father and son golf trip to England and Wales in 2000. The pair plays 22 fine courses with no lodging, golf or transportation reservations over their five week trip."Fidel's Story" is a screenplay for theater or film with Fidel Castro talking to the American public in his trademark fashion. This history lesson is quite an eye opener. Fidel's Story is currently optioned to a major Hollywood production house.

"Nature's Ancient Religion" is a unique look at the Afro - Cuban religion. It is unique in that it is an autobiographical narrative, sharing the nuts and bolts of the world's seventh largest religion. Unlike most offerings in its category, it is written for those outside the religion. NAR chronicles Mr. King's spiritual journey from skeptic to high priest. It is full of humor, discussions and observations about Orisha worship and IFA. 328 packed pages include a 22 page discussion on major offerings by contemporary authors of Orisha worship. Abundant original artwork, glossary and an index provide easy referencing. Orisha worship is Nature's original "green" or environmentally friendly religion.

"Havana: My Kind of Town" is a 330 page offering that shares the true flavor of Havana and Cuba in general. Much like a streetwise travel journal, it provides insight from an insider's viewpoint. Humorous stories, discussions and experiences reveal Cuba's rich cultural history. Havana: My Kind of Town is not a travel guide, but it is the second book anyone should buy before visiting the island. Release date: February 15th 2009

Spencer is an avid and approachable Blogger on, India's largest website (Sulekha means "good writing" in Hindi). He is a native Chicagoan who now lives in Nogales, Arizona and Havana, Cuba. He's an avid golfer with a handicap of 9 who plays out of the Havana Golf Club. He is divorced and available for lectures or appearances. Spencer can be contacted on Facebook or through his Blog on Sulekha where his handle is "bilingual". He is currently working on the Spanish and Portuguese editions of Nature's Ancient Religion.
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